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  1. Why do you believe it isn't acne? I have seen a physician and he does not know what it is either. He gave me a stronger cortisone.
  2. Hello, I am trying to figure out whether I am dealing with acne and would appreciate any insights you may have from your own experience. I have a history of acne which was primarily on the face and back, usually whiteheads and pustules, but I have not had that for a while and this is different than what I've had before. This past saturday when I woke up there were three or four little red bumps in a row on my left cheekbone. I thought they were bug bites because they were quite small, no app
  3. I have a NatureBright Clarity blue and red light therapy lamp that I didn't end up using (I found a dr who let me do accutane) and would like to resell. I paid nearly $300 but as they're currently on sale for $160 I'm only asking for $100 - and that's negotiable. Please send an email to jibaku at gmail dot com if interested. Thanks.
  4. It's been three months if you count the professional lights with a brief professionally recommended break inbetween... As for the red spots, I'm not an expert on the science of cyst development but I think that even if it's under the surface it will often get better before it becomes visible, and that something like an allergy can be the thing that tips the balance toward break out or recession. I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure there's some validity to the wheat thing because it wasn't an
  5. Technically the instructions say to use it 3-5 times weekly, not every day, so I don't think cutting back should have extended the wait time extensively. I did, however, gradually increase my usage again but at a safer distance. Sadly it occurred to me that the reduction in cysts/nodules that I experienced was potentially due to cutting wheat out of my diet, and not the lights. I broke out with several of those just days after reintroducing wheat into my diet.
  6. I'm curious why you think the water at your apartment affects your skin. The reason I wonder is that my acne escalated from mild to moderate and the only change I can find in my lifestyle is that I moved. I wish I knew how to have the water tested, but it's probably expensive...
  7. Thanks for posting this. I thought I'd read everything, but that was an excellent summation.
  8. I had a consultation about ALA PDT the other day and found out that it's basically a super-charged version of blue light therapy. They paint Levulon on your face so it'll soak into your pours and then put you under a blue light. Or at least, the place I went to used blue. The liquid is supposed to get the light to go beneath the skin. It could be good, but it's very expensive and it might irritate your skin. I decided I was better off with the home blue & red light lamp even if it takes
  9. Kawaiisan - Thank you very much for your thorough input. Do you think that a Health Kinesiology practitioner would be better than a homeopathic physician or an endocrinologist? I've seen so many different types of experts recommended I have no idea where to start or what to trust. I don't think there are any Kinesiology practitioners around here, but there might be one in San Francisco or thereabout (I live in the north bay area). I have a hard time sticking strictly to a healthy diet all th
  10. Thank you for the replies. winniegirl - Thank you for the compliment. It's not that I don't make mistakes, but to be honest I've had very unhealthy diets in the past when I had much clearer skin. I've had acne for 10-15 years, but it was consistently mild/moderate until the end of last year. I usually had 1-3 red ones at a given time. White heads didn't become a chronic problem until about half a year ago, and those were likewise just a few per day at first. Topicals helped keep it at that
  11. pic 1 pic 2 I'm 27 and I seem to get hundreds of new pustules/whiteheads every day, all day. It won't stop or slow down, my face is always red and itchy and painful and ugly. It can never heal, because these keep coming. I only wash my face with a gentle oil cleanser, which is better than anything I've experimented with before. I don't put chemicals on it. I've cut out caffeine and sugar and wheat and almost all dairy and have been eating tons of fruit and vegetables morning day and night.