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  1. Yeah, that's one of the threads I had seen but since it was several years ago I was wondering if maybe any new studies had shown something else or if anyone had any more information. btw thanks for quick reply
  2. I know that females can't get pregnant while on accutane because of birth defects but if the male is taking accutane and then gets someone pregnant does the baby still run the risk of birth defects or is it just when the woman is taking it? I found some posts on this but they were old and didn't really give a good answer. Need an answer fast pleease.
  3. I started accutane about two weeks ago and I'm wondering if I'm able to eat foods that would usually break me out and not worry while on accutane? I know your supposed to take it with a high fat meal like peanut butter(but that breaks me out). Almonds, dairy, and pretty much all things that could break someone out do break me out. Would really appreciate some help.