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  1. I may be missing something in my hurry to type this, but I don't see you saying whether or not it is helping anywhere. I started using BP about 3 weeks ago and there is a very noticeable improvement with it. I think you may not be using enough. It is supposed to dry out your skin, and you should need moisturiser because of it. If you're using the BP right the moisturiser shouldn't harm your skin; in fact it will probably help keep it irritation free, which is important.
  2. One thing I notice is that I can never see my face in the same way other people see it... You probably get that too. The same way it looks different in different lighting, I wish I could see it as someone else would - maybe it would even look better. My Shoulders used to be pretty bad, but they seem to have cleared up a lot and now it's just a few pimples around the top of my arms. My back isn't bad, but there are a few on there I think. My chest seems to be different every day - some days
  3. Hi Scottie, I am in the same boat as you. And although I don't have an answer, I thought I would comment to let you know that you are not alone. I would like to follow along with this thread and hopefully get some helpful information as well. Hopefully there is someone around who has overcome the specific situation that we are in. I have been inside for the most part of 6 months. I went outside for the first time a couple of days ago to visit some friends at school, it was like one long a
  4. Robert Cohn

    Acne Problem

    A few photos of it.
  5. Yes. It just makes me mad or jealous whenever I see someone on TV with such perfect skin. I don't even want perfect skin - that would be too weird - I just don't want huge red scars covering the sides of my face and dots all over the rest. I can hardly even remember a time now where I had clear skin, but I know there was one years ago. I don't like standing out or being the centre of attention, so this is just the worst thing possible for me. A lot of people seem to have hope, and I envy th
  6. Robert Cohn


    Thought I'd check in. My acne got very clear for a day or two, but today it is worse than ever on my chest and all down to my stomach. It's got me worried again and I can't stop thinking about it. Will it ever go away? Even just enough so that I wouldn't be embarrassed to take my shirt off... It's bad enough that I will forever have scars all over my face, but this is more than I can handle. It's red and it's itchy. It seems to flair up in the afternoons and be almost cleared up complet
  7. A few minutes after getting out of the shower my face will be covered in dry skin. Usually what I will do is just use water to gently rub it off, but sure enough, a few minutes later it's right back there. I am scared that this is contributing to my acne, or at least making it worse. I know that hot water is bad for your skin and dries it out and I have adjusted to taking only warm, short showers, but my problem remains. I have very bad acne scaring and acne still exists on my face,
  8. I have been struggling and suffering with acne for probably around 5 years -- although it feels like far more than that. I recall it starting out on my forehead and it wasn't all that bad at first. I didn't do anything about if for the first year or two until it started popping up on other parts of my face, at that point I tried a few products but nothing worked. As of the past 2, maybe 3 years, it has been so bad that I can hardly leave the house because I am so self-concious. I will admit