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  1. BP dries out the skin and therefor impairs healing. I suggest to not use it for an extended amount of time or get a good moisturizer.
  2. Im no expert but if you've used so many creams already why not try a light peel or something with AHA. Maybe add a 0.25 dermaroller to support the creams. Personally i doubt that skin whitening supplements would work are there any actual studies on them?
  3. Well, for all in know the nose heals unpredictably, so i guess every treatment is somewhat risky. If its only the redness waiting for it to fade or some vit c on a single scar to see how it goes... Sorry, not very helpfull i guess but the nose is a tricky area.
  4. Theres a really long negative review on the 2 Minutes Miracle Cream and its ingredients so im not sure what to think of it. The girl in the video also only shows a very small amount of her skin and the results are a bit too good if you ask me... https://www.amazon.com/Elements-Minute-Miracle-Exfoliating-Gel/product-reviews/B007PJ7UVG/ Before: harsher light: Now: And here is a study that kind of does the same as dc-girl with astonishing resul
  5. noobischernoob


    Scars and minor breakout
  6. First things first, from what i know 2 weeks are not nearly enough to judge results on a laser treatment. Second a combination of treatments is usually the more effective way, so maybe you want to look into subcision or fillers. Note that i do not have any experience in those treatments myself so talk it over with a few dermatologist to get different opinions. Maybe check out "Ashley James" on youtube he has had great results over time. Its to early to give up! I honestly do not see it doing a
  7. Hi, first of all i guess i can consider myself lucky given the fact that im a complete idiot! So here is how i got most of my scars / scarred pores: My skin doesnt usually scar and so i had barely any after ~4 years of acne (first with huge cysts later lots of whitehead then back to a bid one per week). I got somewhat desprate and my dermatologist was not very helpfull (antibiotics), seriously he just prescribed me with them and send me my way for 1,5 years.... I then discovered Benzylp
  8. Well im no specialist or anything but i would say mainly ice pick and box car scars. Possible treatment probably tca cross or needling. I highly recommend to visit a dermatologist before doing any treatments at home.
  9. Amazing improvement that really gives hope! Thanks a lot for sharing your journey in such a detailed fashion.