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  1. Just a note on shower filters. The aquasana isn't that great at removing chlorine. See this site for full details: http://home.comcast.net/~reviewguy/index.html I have used the Sprite one for 6 months. It removes 100% chlorine for sure. Don't shoot the messenger
  2. Ok, that's an interesting point. Here's the thing though. I'm not saying acne is a guaranteed precursor to another disease. It's not "If you have acne from 13-20, then you will have heart disease by 50" It isn't that simple. But here's the thing - acne IS a sign of an internal problem. That's not something anyone can argue with. Acne is not a problem just the result of "bad skin" It's the result of the conditions of the body inside (bad food, toxic medicines/vaccines, mercury etc. etc.) Now,
  3. I'm glad a bunch found the post helpful. I've never heard of anyone doing 20 liver flushes and not having clear to nearly clear skin. Yes it is a whole internal body thing for sure. All the organs need to be healthy. But a clean liver means that liver can purify the blood, and so purify the rest of the organs. Candida is also helped by a liver flush. As for parasite stuff, I've used MH at curezone's parasite formula and it seems to be very effective.
  4. In almost every post I see two comments come up again and again: "I eat perfectly healthy and still get acne I'm so mad!!!" "My friends eat whatever they want and they don't get acne, diet means nothing!!!" The reason for this is that people's bodies deal with bad foods in different ways. Let me give you an example. Some people can eat 4,000 calories a day and not gain an ounce. Others who eat that much are insanely obese. Here's the thing: Just because you don't see an outward sign that th
  5. I've read all Jon Barron's stuff and I'm convinced digestive enzymes are a bad choice for young people. You create too much dependence on them way too early. If you are 60+ then great, go for it. But young people need to rebuild their digestion, not have a crutch for it. Only way to do that is by eating better, not by taking expensive supplements. Always be wary when someone recommends a type of product that they sell.
  6. Let me just say I am extremely impressed with Dan right now. Most people here have no idea what it's like to change your thinking on something you have been promoting for YEARS. Not to mention the FINANCIAL consequences if Dan decides diet is related! How many people would intentionally undercut their revenue stream? Not many. Of course, he could still say that diet is unrelated when he's done, but it's getting VERY hard to hold that kind of position anymore. Maybe 5-10 years ago you could. N
  7. Raw grass fed cheese is one of the top health foods in the world. The poison cheese at the grocery store is nasty.
  8. This is outstanding advice. Most people just sit around and cut out foods without adding anything better! That makes it almost useless. Things that HAVE to go: 1. hydrogenated oils 2. all refined sugar (later on eating it occasionally is no problem) 3. high consumption of vegetable oils Things that HAVE to increase: 1. Alkaline forming foods. Supergreens drinks/powers are great for this. 2. Raw dairy!!!!!!!!! Wow. Raw dairy is unbelievable. Its so good that when you eat enough you
  9. If changing your diet didn't help with acne, it is guaranteed that you didn't change it to anything that will help. You need PROPER FATS IN YOUR DIET. Fruits/veggies/whole grains, blah blah they are good and all but won't help a lot. PROPER fats. This means no hydrogenated. It even means almost NO vegetable oil. It does mean including: -coconut oil -EFA oils - ************RAW DAIRY******* If you don't know the benefits of raw dairy you should go study them. If anyone here hasn't read "Nutrit
  10. The ignorance on this forum is astounding. I love hearing from people who spout off what the medical community has pumped into their brains since the day they were born talk like they are brilliant. The medical community has a financial interest in people NOT GETTING WELL. Their business is TREATMENT - NOT CURES. If everyone was cured then they wouldn't have people coming in every few months for the next wonder pill! It is all about money. The status quo is to treat. The status quo is that ou
  11. It could go on for quite some time. Why not just change your diet around and cure it?
  12. whiteheads = caused by diet guaranteed.
  13. Circle you have no clue what you are talking about. All fruits and vegetables are good for you, unless you have an extremely specific allergy to one of them. Don't worry, you will know if that is the case. All are good.
  14. O.D What is your problem? Your comment is uncalled for and highly offensive. Especially for someone who is trying as hard as possible to help everyone.