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  1. And which topical retinoid do you recommended? I already now use sometimes Diferin but i think that nothing helps me. Thx for reply
  2. Hello I have finished with accutane treatment 6 months ago..but now i think that pimples slowly coming back I have 2 pimples at the moment(one is pretty big,i have them already 4 days) Is this the sign that pimples will come back? Is already now good to start with accutane again? I want to be clear in summer Thx
  3. Hey neighbour ... You will be just 3 months on 30mg??I would go on a little higher dose.. but hope that you will stay clear after 2nd course.
  4. You must go on at least 6 month long treatment with 40mg/day.It is better now than the acne comes back after some months.I think that the dose is normally ca. 120-150mg/kg. Bye
  5. Like i said; you are on 100mg for just 3 months and with 120mg/kg??...i don´t find nothing good here..you would go on 40-60mg for 6 months with less side effects and i think that is also more safety like 5 pills per day
  6. It is normal that you get 2-3 pimpels on month after accutane..but they are micro small and they gone in 1-2 days.
  7. You have been on very low dose..if you will taking 40-60mg before i think that you will not be now on 3rd course. And how old have you been on 1st 2nd and 3rd course? Bye
  8. It would be nice to show some pic of your skin, i don´t think that you must be on so high dose. And how much will your treathment last? 3 months? Personally i would go on lower dose and for a longer time. Bye
  9. Hej Jasmina zavidi ti cijela okolina You have nice skin..is now your skin after last pics better cleared? show some photos to see difference poz
  10. @ss14 can you maybe put your pictures before/after?? I have also problems with scares and would be very helpful if i see how better is your skin now... Bye
  11. Hello, i am new here and want to get some advises.This year i was on my 8 months long treatment with Roaccutane...(it works GREAT) but now i have still red marks and scars(i read some comments and find out that this is pretty normal after finishing with accutane). So what do you think which is the best way to loose marks and scars and clean my skin completly?Laser or maybe grinding my face? Is someone here who also had marks and scars after accutane and rescue that problem? Thx