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  1. Yeah i used to use 10% BP, it's like its trying to work too fast on your face instead of working to clear it up over time, thus eventually creating too much oil and ur back to square one.
  2. Yeah I dance and play basketball almost everyday. I also work out doing push-ups and such. I usually try to get up as early as possible so I can do a work out before i use my CSR in the morning.
  3. Atleast you washed your face. I don't see you getting a bad breakout if you remembered to cleanse. You might still infact break out though.
  4. Kazsper

    Kaspers CSR

    Hopefully this will work.
  5. I've been on it for 20 days now. Neutrogena Oil-free Acne wash 5% BP Cetaphil Moisturizer I don't expect to see dramatic results being on it this long. But I'm curious to the Neutrogena On the spot stuff, seems like alot of poeple use it. Thing is im VERY use to BP so going down a few percent would slow the rate of witch my skin clears up, wont it?
  6. I just made a post about this same thing, I am hoping poeple will have a solution. The things i've heard of are: Shampoo - Head and Shoulders Baking Soda and water Euricine (sorry for spelling) 10%, or just straight up using your own pee. I'm afraid to do any just incase it might make it worse. I hope you get feedback with a solution to this.
  7. I get redmarks on my cheeks that I pretty much control if i just dont touch them, but they are very hard and scaly and flaky most of the time. I've heard of using head and shoulders on them but im afraid it'll make it worse. Any suggestions?
  8. Day5.... It's been hectic, havent had time to take pics or post much, but my face is getting alot better. Everyone who knows me can see it and it hasn't even been a week yet. Theres a few little things but then again, it hasent even been a week yet. Gotta stay on the Regimen, gotta keep at it...
  9. Wasn't able to post anything yesterday cuz of problems with the computer so ill post it now, and post todays log later on. Hmmm lets see, yesterday i was acually quite content with my face, the redness on my cheecks are gone and just the acne stands, its amazing how much better i look without such red cheecks. Trick was i didnt touch them and most important of all, I DIDNT USE THE BP ON THEM. gotta remember that for sensitive areas.
  10. Well this is then end of day 1, I'm about to put my Neutrogena oil-free Acne wash on, followed by the Bop and lotion. I honestly am pissed off with my face today, but its the first day sooo... bleh.
  11. Cool thanks, ill try that. And i don't apply the BP to the spots that are red just in case. I think thats what started the redness in the first place.
  12. SO i just posted a few ugly pics of myself and I started the regimen officially today. But my cheeks are like UBER red, a very shiny red, like a roseacia ( however you spell it) type of thing and it looks HORRIBLE. I had it before and the doctor said it was psoriasis (again, i can't spell for beans), so he gave me a BETADERM cream 0.5%. It contains steroids so i was only allowed to use it for a week before i had to discontinue it, I used it, it worked.... For that week. The redness came back and
  13. Just leave it alone... Everytime i touch my face i do 10 pushups as punishment Make a little game about it so you're more aware about not touching your face.