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  1. hi guys, my scar is pretty much deep and big... the ones that makes me look deform in certian lighting and angles....would subcision be my best bet? i have it all over my face..
  2. Its kind of a catch-22. the deeper the treatment the less the coverage density. the greater the coverge density the less the penetration. so it seems like for deeper scars you'd need like 15 treatments to get the coverage someone with light scars would get from 5. [/quote does fraxel helps remove red,brown, and purple spot from acne too? it would be nice if it works both scars and red spots...
  3. HI guys Im a poor man and only have $3000 to blow for my severe and deep acne scar. My scar is pretty much like the guy posted here, so what would be my best option? I think i will never have another $3000 to kill. thanks in advance for your help. http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h...6lr%3D%26sa%3DN
  4. hi, will fraxel remove red spots, brown spots, and purple spots that are attache to scars?
  5. hi, im from southern california with severe acne scar...wondering if anybody knows a good subcision doctor
  6. hi Jillin can you tell me where you had your fraxel done... im also from southern california