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  1. It’s definitely interesting info to consider - no doubt about it. Mifepristone might be perfect for someone who doesn’t have all the gut damage etc that I need to address. At this stage for me I’m just trusting that my kinesiologist knows what he’s doing - so far he’s not deterred by anything, seems to know where he wants to go with things. I mentioned glucocorticoid in particular when talking to him about Mifepristone....he knows all about it and it’s importance etc. So yeah, love the
  2. Is that gene known to be changed by Accutane specifically is it?? I wasn’t aware - if there are studies, pls post them. That sounds interesting
  3. Zinc and B12 also help with producing stomach acid - for me that’s a godsend with the awful reflux issues I’ve had. Important though that reflex point above stomach near diaphragm is functioning correctly for the correct absorption to occur. He worked on this after I mentioned the slow wound healing I’ve had - Zinc related. kinesiologist said about Mifepristone - sure it might work initially in improving HPA but it isn’t the way to go, he said it would do nothing for gut and liver and
  4. Fatigue, severe dryness, depression, muscle weakness, insomnia, light sensitivity,slow wound healing, eye floaters, thinning hair, premature greying, varicose veins, gerd...... excess sweating, with my sebaceous glands altered it just pours out of me
  5. Essentially for a guy it reduces progesterone doesn’t it?? Surely it can’t be the only way using Mifepristone.... And if it is, yeah where the hell to get it from or who to prescribe it to us!!??
  6. Treating Glucocosteroids specifically?....,he’s not ( not that I know of anyway ) I’ve emailed that report to him to look at, won’t see him again for a few weeks though. I’ve been doing weekly treatments for last 9 months, adjustments, taking various herbs and supplements along the way: P5P, B12, Zinc, Baical Skullcap, Sweet Wormwood, Rhodiola, Taurine, Vit D , NAC, Iron. Heaps of NAC actually- it’s the one that breaks everything down - all the biofilms etc All taken with a t
  7. Thanks for posting that report - very much appreciated Good to know my kinesiologist is on the right path in treating me, although I’m curious to get his thoughts on Mifepristone Is our approach of adjustments and taking herbs etc going to work when matched against such a strong drug as Mifepristone??!! In a few weeks time, I’ll challenge him on that, see what he says!!
  8. Interesting observation, like it’s swithced on something that we need to turn off On a minor level I know my kinesiologist during treatment has picked up that certain muscles of mine haven’t turned off - they then know how to treat this. I don’t know enough about anatomy or our nervous system but it could be that tane has turned something on and although it has well and truly left our bodies it has turned something on....I don’t know, just a thought.... I’ll ask some more question
  9. You’d be best to look up the causes of HPA dysfunction- there are probably many ways one can get it and different ways of combating it. I’m making improvements for sure with my weekly treatment. Not sure about you but in terms of dryness I’ve made no progress whatsoever, I can be honest about that - skin on face is clear but super dry. I really think I’m resigned to the fact that my sebaceous glands are forever changed from Accutane, there’s just none of that natural oil in my skin anymore
  10. Well, H. Pylori has been found easy enough in post Accutane victims Don’t know if you can test yourself, my kinesiologist was able to detect it easy enough though. All part of breaking down biofilms - viruses, fungus and bad bacteria and rebuilding the gut. As long as you’re working with a good specialist you’ll be right, if you’re not um.......
  11. I think you’ve mentioned you’ve got a good GP. Yes I’ll go to mine to get blood tests done but in terms of rebuilding my health, that’s where it ends. Happy to seek a specialist outside of the mainstream who knows how to interpret those blood tests and actually help me make improvements. Someone who knows what to take and when which means I can at least eliminate self diagnosing
  12. Isn’t the origin of prolactin issues a problem with pituitary gland?? HPA Axis dysfunction mentioned many times on forum, anyone tried to work with a specialist to fix this issue? Or happy to self diagnose and experiment for years on end.... Which specialist are we seeing?
  13. Could be HPA dysfunction- extended periods of raised cortisol levels have depleted the system, adrenal fatigue sets in amongst gut issues and depression. I’d work on the theory that’s it’s related to this over a tumour but it wouldn’t hurt to get prolactin tested just to be sure. I go in each week for my kinesiology treatment and raise the possibility that I have this and that, my specialist says he doubts it - he’s pretty sure he knows what’s going on so far. This week I even mentione
  14. That Zinc/Copper relationship is bang on!!! remember many many pages ago there were heaps of us with Copper issues post tane. I wish I could find a genuine link but I saw it in my Kinesiologists room today - a chart on “Neuroimmunolgy”, the Zinc/Copper relationship is stated loud and clear on it - it’s a fundamental aspect of repairing our immune systems!! Much of this breaking down of biofilms that I’ve been banging on about is stated in chart too, all in relation to rebuilding I
  15. Sure he can do the Anti A diet but he’ll be disappointed if down the track it’s found HPA is screwed and needs attention to fix. That’s attention from a specialist. So again, people need to stop self diagnosing and do the hard yards by working with someone. You can avoid Vit A simultaneously if you want - the two don’t have to be seperate!!
  16. It was a ballsy move taking that but I commend you for trying!! Not like Roche is ever going to show accountability for putting us in this shit - no responsibility what so ever from them. It leaves people with little choice but to experiment to get their life back. Good to hear you’re having better days!!
  17. I need to supplement and need physical work done post Accutane to properly recover - Kinesiology No amount of just avoiding Vit A will fix things like HPA dysfunction and chronic inflammation. I tried for years just supplementing and avoiding certain foods - didn’t work unfortunately. I’d be very surprised if other victims don’t have the same or similar issues to combat as me.
  18. How do you actually know when you’ve reached that baseline? What’s the sign? Also, I never hear those on the Anti A talk about any physical work that needs to be done. As mentioned in some of my posts - kinesiologist has found organs not working at optimal levels which means supplements aren’t doing all they could when taken ( Zinc ) thus they do adjustments etc to unblock things I don’t really know how these blockages came about other than to think all that inflammation prob screwed t
  19. Flondon - aside from the nutritional balancing surely you had to have some physical work done too? Part of my kinesiology work involves unblocking and massaging ( can be painful ) organs. Recently my pancreas wasn’t functioning properly in relation to my Zinc supplementing - after some adjusting it’s now being absorbed correctly So my point is, as much as I need Zinc and B6 and Vit D and so on & so on - if I don’t do the physical work too my body won’t absorb these things correctl
  20. That’s a loaded question I can ask but it would come down to blockages in the body and uncovering them which is what I already do. I’ll ask some more questions this week
  21. As my kinesiologist said, most pharmaceutical products if you were to bring them in, your body will produce a negative response to them on a vibrational level. There’s no one special drug out there that will ever cure us, it’s really a combination of restoring Vit & Min after being depleted by the poison that is Accutane.
  22. Can you elaborate on why you don’t like it please? Sure you don’t have to agree with all of it. The anti Vit A advocates obviously wouldn’t agree with it as it’s full of eating Vit A in what’s listed - doesn’t make it dumb though just because of that. The point about too many people playing the Doctor I think is bang on - if you take nothing else from the post I think at least take this away. Way too many people self diagnosing over the years ( myself included ) which is understandable
  23. A word of caution- Tudca may not be what you need. I took a bottle in on kinesiology visit and my body was rejecting it Same this week when I took in “digestive aid”. Kinesiologist was surprised as the ingredients are good and I’m in middle of working on gut so ordinarily you’d think my body would needing the aid - that’s just how it goes with this type of work though. Other things taken in such as Vit D my body has responded well to just to prove it can work the other way too. Th
  24. Thx for posting I don’t touch those things yet I still currently have issues with Iron and Vit D!?
  25. With pancreas being less effective, part of its job is to release enzymes which break down food reason why we might have parasites and bugs etc is due to large intestine having too much undigested food in it A good functioning pancreas will produce the right amount of enzymes to help break food down properly