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  1. The metal found yesterday is nickel Not saying I’m toxic but regardless I’m trying to remove from body/brain, guess it’s toxic on some level as it stood out from the other metals when tested look it up, its fat soluble and can interfere with all the other fat soluble vitamins inc Vit A interesting
  2. After today’s kinesiologist session: we continue to drain lymphatic system. Brain function still needs work, still on selenium and now Supreme MT - we continue to do heavy metal detoxing from brain!! in particular the kidney meridians needed working on today to help support all this detoxing - very painful session today in releasing them....well worth it though
  3. Yep - systemic brain though coordinates plenty of things so fixing it would bring major relief yeah ED, mood, energy, better sleep etc etc
  4. Does anyone think systemic inflammation is at play?? particularly in the brain causing all sorts of issues from fatigue to depression don’t know my blood type and I have no blood tests lined up right now
  5. I personally think, well actually it’s been confirmed by kinesiologist, it’s not brain damage per say buy Inflammation. Systemic inflammation is at play still He can’t get to work on it though till lymphatic system works properly so spent last few weeks working on that helping it to clear things Given no one seems to want to work with anyone, I guess you’ll have to continue self diagnosing with whatever issue you have ....good luck!!
  6. Not interested in working with someone to get out of this?? Dont know of anyone getting out of this by self diagnosing and just working on their own
  7. Are you going to work with someone to try and resolve? If so who, which field? Best of luck, hope you find a solution!! I didn’t know you could test serotonin like that
  8. I’m happy for anyone to get out of this mess. If all it takes for you is to fast for a bit, good luck to you. If you do it through diet alone, fantastic, if it’s just supplements you need, unreal, if it’s a Vit A free diet, go for it!! For me after 20 years, it’s more complicated and something I can’t do alone, hence I see a very well qualified kinesiologist to help me thru. I can’t do this alone, not a chance! We continue to work on detoxifying the brain, this needs to be aided by suc
  9. According to someone else, you’ve just gotta get off Gluten to fix everything Why the need to get prostate checked if that’s the case??!!
  10. From the post above, I’m more concerned with his CNS issue over thinking about diet. Who hasn’t experienced CNS issues post tane?? The nervousness, irritability, excess sweating, the muscle weakness etc etc Whats up with our systems post tane I ask!?
  11. Earth tincture target organs are spleen, pancreas & stomach. You’re right, helping this would ultimately help the brain in the long run In trying to clear as he puts it “the dirty dishwater surrounding my brain” he also has me on Water meridian and Wood meridian tinctures to support liver & kidneys as they ultimately will help me eliminate that dirty dishwater from the head and out of the body Its important to support these organs thru the whole process - I can’t disagree wit
  12. The question to ask right now is which diet to go on is best for treating Chemo Brain? I’m of the belief diet alone definitely won’t fix it. Having good gut health would be a good start so obviously one should be mindful of eating healthy but you can still eat healthy with meat But diet aside, how do you fix chemo brain? I’m feeling better with using selenium but not out of the woods yet by any stretch
  13. Selenium may do those things mentioned but right now I’ve tested favourably to use it. If it was toxic or my body didn’t want it, I’d of responded differently You’re right about lymphatic drainage - that is most definitely part of this process too and something kinesiologist has been working on. The right side of my chest is actually more forward than left he picked up on - it has to do with lymphatic system and we can correct it - both thru realignment and supplements mostly
  14. Very interesting session today with kinesiologist. We’re getting deeper into the issue of this persistent brain fog. 1. Wanted him to flat out investigate if there is brain damage. Answer was no, it’s brain fog. No frontal lobe damage that we can tell of 2. The persistent heavy head and temporal dullness is to do the cerebral spinal fluid sitting there in head...all I can say is halle fucking lugah!!! I’ve been to neurologists for years trying to determine this, so thankful fo
  15. Can say an MRI scan find brain inflammation? I did some blood tests on general inflammation that came back fine. We’ve kind of come to expect that though haven’t we, bit like testing ok to Gluten yet we still underneath it all have a problem with it. It all stems I think from gut health and there’s no real test to say exactly how healthy ones gut actually is....not that I know of anyway Anyway.....if anyone can let the forum know about measuring brain inflammation please let us know.