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  1. Vance Astro - Do you have many of the other common issues - eye floaters, no moisture in skin, thinning hair?? Trying to figure out how these might arise due to fat malabsorption, if there’s a connection?
  2. Calcified- I asked kinesiologist if they can test for human growth hormone, surprisingly they can!!! It’s in one of the test vile kits mostly used when working with pregnant women. Today I took in some Tudca just to see what feedback my body gives to it, turns out my liver is stressed by it oddly given it’s meant to detox it. Anyway it is what it is and so I won’t be taking it for my fatty liver. Losing weight is the best thing to treat fatty liver, as it falls off waistline, it naturally c
  3. Yes!!! pls get acquainted with last few pages re fasting - good stories of successful recoveries which include overcoming fatigue.
  4. Yeah that’s cool, I don’t think anyone should hang shit on someone if it doesn’t happen to work for them, I certainly wouldn’t do that. I take your point about giving it a good go too - not just one or two fasts and that’s it. I think the encouraging thing in all this is numbers of those who’ve had success - that must say something about the benefits of fasting. I’m building my knowledge first though, be good to hear back from those who spoke to that doctor who helps with Vit A detox s
  5. Thankyou Also, your point about healing is noted!! Its not detoxing per se that’s happening but more “healing” of the Accutane damage - would you agree? some detox might happen by default but it’s not the goal here correct? I mean those who’ve successfully done these fasts surely don’t have to restrict Vit A for the rest of their lives? - that would suggest there’s still something underlying going on.....
  6. Chris, can you please give us an idea of how to build up to a 4-5 day detox? i assume you need to do the 2 day for what - 3 to 6 months before you’d take on a longer detox?? Also, you say water only, is it your belief that doing a juice detox is a waste of time? ( no juice with any Vit A ) I get wicked headaches as it goes when detox even for 48 hrs - perhaps I need to take a aspirin or something next time thanks
  7. Yeah that’s right, big on the liver research I liked his posts, but again - comes on all guns blazing only to disappear off forum...WHY?? I assume there was no intentional final post Or did I miss it? Its bullshit that people come on forum all guns blazing with their scientific studies and links to other forums they’ve set-up only to in the end have no follow through, no ability to go the distance - they just disappear without a trace. Thats bullshit, I don’t care wha
  8. Mariovitali where’s he these days?? cured, not cured, given up..., who would know?
  9. Always positive!! I thought he said he even had a Facebook page dedicated to helping victims - I haven’t gone looking for it though He had some YouTube vids too. Very scientific minded and you got the impression he does his homework as there was plenty of depth in his posts. then just dropped off the forum?? Didn’t sign off with any post saying, “that’s it guys I’m outta here” - very strange I must say!! There was another guy too but I can’t exactly remember.... Mari so
  10. No worries He’s moved on from here, probably due to restored health......we hope.....
  11. No problemo Question: Do you happen to know what happened to ACCUiTy??
  12. I’m serious!!!! I not taking the piss or being sarcastic but merely backing up my point about trying to prevent derailment. Your reposting of those who’ve fasted successfully on previous page is excellent and much appreciated!! Im not saying to anyone don’t see a kinesiologist. I’m not about to give up seeing mine BUT I’ll be damn sure to ask him about fasting etc and will print off some of those posts so he gets an idea on what they’ve done. Sorry if you viewed as sarcasm- i
  13. I’m trying to stop the derailing dude read between the lines..... If fasting/diet is the way let’s stick with it...
  14. Not sure Regardless though - the answer lies in fasting and diet changes.....
  15. Chris - don’t be put off from from some healthy debating!! If diet/fasting is indeed the answer and my comment/statement is completely ignorant and wrong then fuck I can live with that!!! I’m not here for an ego trip, I’m on this forum looking for cures. Some of you guys know heaps more shit than I do. I’m happy to be proven wrong and get more people on the right path to being completely cured and so I won’t shy away from debating subjects if at the end of the day it helps. If fasting