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  1. I have the same issue! I don't have any red, pus filled pimples like those that happen with breakouts, but I do have these annoying flesh colored bumps on my forehead that I believe are clogged pores. I used AHA mixed with moisturizer and noticed it seemed to solve the problem, then I briefly stopped and now they're coming back. I'm going to start with AHA and moisturizer again and see if I have any luck. AHA is supposedly good for clogged pores since it's an exfoliant. However, when doing my
  2. Thanks for cheering me up but I'm fed up with doctors fuck them they don't care, I haven't tried the regimen does it work? The regimen works for a lot of people! It was my last resort and I had doubts, but my skin stopped breaking out and then I just had to wait for the red marks to go away. I'll give you a backstory. Basically, I've always had troublesome skin since I was 13-14 and it reached its peak when I was 18-19. My freshman year of college, I had the worst breakout of my life so
  3. Ahh lately I've been very eh about my skin. It used to be a lot worse: red pimples and marks all over my cheeks, which luckily went away thanks to the acne.org regimen! My skin got so much better to the point where I don't need to wear make-up if I don't feel like it, which is SUCH a great feeling. But I do have these flesh colored bumps covering my forehead which has been getting me down a bit. I know I shouldn't complain because my skin used to be worse and flesh colored bumps really aren't t
  4. I'm sorry you're going through this Acne is one of the biggest inconveniences for teens/young adults to go through in a society where we focus so much on appearance. You definitely aren't alone. You said you've tried plenty of stuff. Do you mean all the products available in stores, going to the dermatologist, trying the acne.org regimen, etc.? I know you mentioned that your parents weren't taking how you feel about your skin seriously, which sucks. If possible, try to see if you can schedu
  5. I totally know how you feel! My freshman year of college, I broke out horribly on my cheeks . I always had some mild acne, but this was worse than that, and even left some really bad marks that lasted a good few months. I was embarrassed, upset, and afraid to do things I used to enjoy, like go to the beach or sleepover a friend's house because it mean't removing my makeup. I went to my derm and he gave me some topicals which ended up working for a while, but eventually stopped. Then I took some
  6. My freshman year of college, my skin broke out horribly. This was before I used foundation or any make up to cover it up, too! They were red and covered my cheeks. Despite the acne, I still made tons of friends and even had a boyfriend during this breakout! What I'm trying to say by telling this story is that the friends you make in college, who are REAL, authentic friends, won't care if you have marks or acne! They'll see past it. Will you encounter some people who might comment on your skin or
  7. Thank you for this! Your input was helpful Yeah, the only reason I was suspicious about the AHA possibly being the issue is because like you said, too much AHA can worsen dryness. Clogged pores happen because of excess oil production, which can happen if your skin is dry. But you're right, the ingredients were chosen carefully so it would be odd if that were the issue. As of now, I'm going to take your advice and just mix the moisturizer and AHA in small amounts
  8. Is there a reason you aren't allowed to wear make-up to tryouts and during practice? Either way, I understand how scary that can be. My skin was really horrible about a year ago, and I couldn't imagine leaving the house without make-up. I wouldnt wear it when I'd go to the beach, but I'd feel so self conscious. My advice to you would be to go for it, just like IronMotivation said above! Years from now you'll regret not trying. I know it's easier said than done. If you're that nervous and unc
  9. Hello! So I've been using the regimen for about a year and half now, and started using AHA in June. It worked really well to get rid of some marks from past acne, and my skin got accustomed to it (no stinging, irritation, etc.). My question (or two rather) is, is it bad to use AHA daily? I have heard it's recommended to either mix it with moisturizer or use it 2-3x a week. My second question is, I have some stubborn bumps on my forehead that make it feel bumpy and less smooth. I belie
  10. If your skin is fine without the regimen and what you're doing is working for you, I don't think it can hurt to incorporate AHA Especially if you're using it to clear up marks because it works really well for that (I had horrible marks but AHA and time really helped). As Geeking said, it's definitely recommended to start slow and mayb use very litte 2-3x a week until your skin gets used to it. It can sting a little at first. Good luck!
  11. Ahh, Im glad I'm not alone! Thanks, I'll definitely look into Paula's choice BHA
  12. You're probably right with the leaving them alone idea. I just can't help it, I'm a picker lol Thank you for your response! Good luck to you as well
  13. So I know there are a millions threads specific to flesh colored bumps, but I just had to share my own since everyone is different. Backstory: I've had mild-moderate acne since I was 15 years old (I'm now 20). The worst case happened at 18-19 where I broke out horribly on my cheeks and this acne was stubborn as heck. It was red, big, and left marks. Fortunately, the acne.org regimen did wonders and cleared my face up along with the hyperpigmentation! A year later, my forehead is still kind of
  14. Honestly not feeling so great. I've been using the regimen for 3 months, and although I've stopped breaking out as badly, I still get a few pimples and the red marks left behind are almost worse than the acne itself. My self esteem has hit an all time low, and I hate that I'm 19 and suffering from acne when all throughout high school my skin was flawless I hate having to wear foundation to cover up my face too, especially since it's summer. I miss not wearing makeup and feeling beautiful. I m
  15. Yeah, I have heard that AHA is supposed to help. Have there been many success stories using this product?