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  1. hahahaha. uhh thanks for the advice dude? but thats ok im not looking at porn at all. porn is the main problem with chronic MBing, lol. a month is fine. i can go one month. sure itll be difficult, im a guy. but just one month to find out the degree of MBing's effects is worth it to me. day one is over! /
  2. i see alot of people saying how much stress MBing relieves, i dont find that so true. plus, not doing it doesnt build stress. if anything i find that i feel less stressful when i dont MB for a while. people talk on here MBing/ sexual satisfaction is their entire life etc.. i know it feels good, but its not that big of a deal really.. to not do it for a while. anyways, day 1 is almost over. woohoo.
  3. wow. you guys folded fast. 2 down and out on the first day. who will be next?? dont worry, im carrying the torch for you guys.
  4. day one - the 'ultimate challenge' has begun.
  5. tomorrow will be day one! goodluck to everyone joining me. the more people that attempt this, the more conclusive the results. tomorrow will be day one. i will post regularly.
  6. im going through with this. completely! i probably wont jerk off in the next few days anyways. goodluck to everyone that is joining me.
  7. ive been jerking off all week! ](*,) got a new zit everyday around my mouth/chin. im not saying its instant effects(as i see many people against this theory use as an argument why acne has no effect) i think it takes a few days to see the effects of your MBing, the depletion of vitamins etc, and your hormonal imbalance. anyways so im proposing to you all a challenge to myself, which im going to keep. this is it: NO MBING FOR ALL OF MARCH! yes, a whole month. call me crazy. i can do
  8. well i went for 9 days my face looks a great deal better a very great improvement so im pretty much done with MBing from now on once a week IS THE ABSOLUTE MOST! hopefully i can limit myself to once every 2 weeks. someone else wrote the key up there: stay busy just dont even think about sex dont be by yourself, lol anyways, others that try this im sure will see an improvement in their face. im going to continue on with this self study, ill continue to post my results
  9. still havent MBed im going to go for 2 weeks w/o it. not that big of a deal really. my face does look. i find that heals faster.. anyways this post is just to let you people know im still goin
  10. hey i havent posted in a while. ive been mbing at least once a day for the past few days and my skin isnt looking too good. after not mbing for a few days, and then mbing everyday for about 5 days, there was a window when the zits stopped, and the accumulated mbing probably contributed to what i have on my face now. i actually am going to stop mbing, because im going home for about 2 weeks. anyways heres a link i found supporting my theory: http://jcem.endojournals.org/cgi/content/f
  11. it takes about 2 weeks for the effects of B5 to be noticed. as in the does you take now, will affect your skin in about 2 weeks.
  12. on this messageboard, different MB disscussion. ive also seen other websites providing the same info, about the DHT and excessive MB (which depends on the individuals body) leads to increase in sebum production. im not going to argue over MB affects of acne on here. i dont have time. IM RECORDING MY RESULTS HERE. please argue about the correlation somewhere else.
  13. "I am only posting on this thread ( I'm sure a few others are too ) because I feel from my own personal experience that masturbation does affect my acne - personally I do not need any evidence to convince me as I can see the difference with my own eyes. I have read a small amount of info on the correlation between masturbation and acne - here is one : Dr. Lin: 4/05/2003> The hormone DHT level is one of the main factors causing ACNE outbreaking. The liver enzyme 5-alpha reductase i