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  1. I definently would! Love educacting myself more and more about these type of things. I vote yes
  2. Yes i've heard that for many people sweet potatoes are "safe". About water fast - it helps me clear my skin with amazing results , after fast ill probably check sweet potatoes like you mentioned and post about the outcome.
  3. Hey mk04. My acne started at the age of ~15 i believe. Before i used to eat loads of carbohydrates ( rice with chicken + sauce mostly ). And it seemed just fine. Then i started getting acne.. I read alot about it and i noticed whenever i eat carbs i get itchy face and loose that "clarity of mind" state and then i get pimples. Then i read about "3 day apple cure diet" for acne . Basically you eat nothing but apples and drink water throughout these 3 days. IT CLEARED ME. I mean my skin was so soft
  4. @noche yeah not going to lie.. It's pretty hard since i'd like to bulk up a bit becuse im pretty skinny. Guess ill have to stick with chicken breast , vegetables , fishes and discover new food that won't break me out. Oh man .
  5. Have you tried holistic approach? Water fasting , food allergies , insulin sensitivity , hormones ?
  6. Today im starting 3-day water fasting since it clears my skin so fast and make me feel so gooood. I might even post before and after pics , will see.
  7. I know my acne is ONLY food-related so i have no reason going to dermatologist. The thing is i breakout eating "dry sausages" ( not sure how it's called in english but in polish it is "kabanos" ) as well. I breakout on most of "processed" foods . Im fine with eating fish ( herrings , salmons , tuna ) , steamed chicken breast ( some other meat give me bad complexion as well but chicken breast is like a cure - no itchy face after eating feels awesome ) . Might be bad bacterias in gut or something
  8. Hey. Im Damian and I am 20 years old. I've had acne since I was 15-16 and i know the cause of my acne.. Whenever i eat something "dirty" or any carbohydrates i break out and not only breakout.. my skin becomes complete disaster, it becomes dry and has really unhealthy complexion , alot of bumps, pimples and stuff... After i eat something "that i know will break me out" ( and the list is long.. ) my skin becomes itchy, very annyoingly itchy!! My whole jaw itches :/. My skin is basically completel
  9. Any idea? I'd love to be able to eat carbs like brown rice and stuff.. I used to totally love chicken and rice with chinese sauce : (. I'd love to be able to bulk up a bit too since it's extremaly hard for me anyway. Seems like it's insuline resistance ( holy... my face is so much better when i do water fast it's insane , WHAT IS WRONG :: < )
  10. Hey. I've had acne since i was 14 and it has been with me since then . I'm 20 now and i know when my skin is clear and when i will get break out. Basically whenever i eat any type of carbohydrates ( doesn't matter simple or complex ) my face starts itchying and when i eat too much of them i " don't feel very well" , i get like brain fog or something . My face is the clearest when i eat basically only steamed / boiled chicken breast + vegs ( no high carb like potatos and stuff - only spinach