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  1. you have a really handsome face, the acne takes nothing away from you foreal
  2. ~*~pana~*~


    I know it hurts to see yourself like that but yo life isnt all about skin, dont miss out or live as though you are terminaly ill or handicaped, dont let the acne make you think YOU are horrible dont let it do that to you, you are so much more than skin man. I let a face problem be a LIFE problem for a real long time and now that i've stopped and know i can LIVE wit acne i wish i could get back all that time i spent dwelling on wanting to just die. Hang in there
  3. ~*~pana~*~


    whoa you have beautiful eyes, shape and everything wow
  4. I feel the same way, if i feel very low about myself I feel like i dont want to give another person the chance to feel that way about me too, or worse use them simply to build myself up when I really should have some self esteem to start off. I dont think its a good idea to get into a relationship with really low self esteem, it makes you really dependent on that person to make you feel good or better about yourself, and that is a lot to expect from someone else even if they love you. I feel too
  5. Thanks Borat, i appreciate you taking the time to say what you said and being so honest. I have done the "sick" thing too, way too many times and your right I shouldnt let something effecting my face effect my life. what makes me go out more now is realizing it is what it is, its not anything I need to be hospitilazied for like a treminal illness and it wont change ME who I have always been on the inside and continue to grow into if I look within instead of simply outside you know. its hard th