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  1. Manly tears have been shed.

  2. Tuesday, i feel something on my cheek, a big pimple incoming. I freaked out because ive been clear for months and i have a big event coming up for NYE. i squeeze the absolute hell out of it, causing swelling and redness, the pimple was not ready to pop. i wake up Wednesday, woah, my face is all red in the area and the pimple seem to still be under the skin. i play with it some more, still trying to pop it but nothing. Thursday, it looks disgusting, a massive red sore on my face with that hurts
  3. I dont have any acne (anymore), but am now on a cycle of steroids, and preparing for the worst, nothing yet one week in, would daily BP be good enough?
  4. Do you model? 'Cause if you don't, you should ;)

  5. I wear foundation, and people comment me how perfect my skin is. lol

  7. I wear tinted moisturiser and im a guy. I dont have many pimples but it gives me an even skin tone.
  8. What is a quick way to reduce the imflammation of a pimple? i dont even know if its a pimple its just large and red and under my jaw i usually never get these.
  9. Guys without problem skin really dont see the problem and im sure he didnt say it to hurt you.
  10. Accutane. That is a very severe case and Accutane is the only answer.
  11. Like the hair except dont do the over the eye thing its tacky.
  12. Good job on the acne, now fix up the rest of your face.
  13. Not too oily or shiny...just after a while dancing at clubs, etc gets abit shiny...