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  1. 7th grade was my best year. I want a bettterrr onnnne
  2. I want a makeup that wont be shiny that covers completely. NO MORE MINERAL MAKEUP. i hate that crap liquid. breakoutless/shine free/ .... help
  3. Sometimes, when i think about my skin and just me, it doesnt bother me. It doesnt take away my features. It doesnt kill me. it kills me thinking everyone else will think im dirty, ... bad genes. Gross.... Im a clean girl. I like my genetics i just have flawwed skin. But when i look at it, sometimes i just think it shows inperfection. kinda like "beautifully broken." The only reason i hate havnbg these issues, is for wat othger people might think about it
  4. i was told i look 13. Do you know how much it sucks/hurts to hear that when i was always told how i look older then i am what... what... how does one peron think im 19, so milliomns of people think im 19. Then one day think im 13 what?
  5. Their are times i ask for check ups. Like every morning beforei go to school i have my mom check me, make sure what im wearing looks ... "cheechee like" and my makeup is just write and no lines or anything andi ask people if what im wearing is jus a little tooo much they always say "no its so awesome!" € but i askedf for that they REALLY THOUGHT. i hate that. if i ask, i want to know hte reality of it ALSO, if i asked someone if i was pretty or not. Id want the truth. not m
  6. No i think people really do see your confidence stripp away I had a friend whose mother was BEAUTIFUL. so pretty. But when i spent the night, her mom took off her makeup and came into the kicken and i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo frightened, i was in shock. She literally reminded me of that movie "monster" I was looking at her and thinking. wow, this is sscrewed up. Shes nothing what she seemed and people will see that, with my skin. My skin is like the belly of my emotions, j
  7. I did that, at first when i started with this whole mess. and i broke out even more. So now im fixing the mess i left myself. I swear, sometimes i just want to beat myself to the floor and throw me in the highway
  8. what is under skin acne? I just wanted to get that aside, i never herd of it. But no, dont give up. You have your problems set out for you. Buts okay. Try to find a makeup to use while you find the right products to fix you right up. Im already backat aschool, and i have red dots EVERYWHERE. i hide it with makeup. But at the same time people call me at like 6 or 7 to hang out, I cant, i took off all my makeup to give my skin more healing, and i dont want to put it back on.
  9. Someone understands!!!!!!!!!!! Im so sick of hearing "but you still look pretty without makeup!" doesnt matter. Stripping it off and showing everyone is like saying "my confidence is fake" No, its not. My confidence doesnt come from my looks (er at least not compeltely) it comes from who i am and what i know i can accomplish. and when i stripp away the makeup, it isnt taking any of that down the drain with the covergirl
  10. Hey i realized that wayy into the acne regimnes I thought something was wrong with me but no its red marks nad i was using BP. the wrong treatment its okay, red marks are easy to cover, so you can wear makeup over it nad look prefectly skinned
  11. hun, just got a anti bacterial on it. Itll be okay Be happy she wants to feel you though Most the times girls kisses are fake (i hear a lot) Its liek those screams you hear in the bedroom Sorry fellas' sometimes you just arent the master behind it all. DAMN ACTING!!! right? no , I've never had a bf, I doubt I will oh, and I have never kissed anyone either
  12. I dont invite anyone to spend hte night over (and i miss that, i used to want everyone to say forever, istill do... besides this having bad skin thing) But my parents do. My brotehrs that i havent seen in forever and his girlfriend are here now. Shes taking a shower and my brothers are outside we were watching a movie but the whole time i was thinking "How am i going to be able to wash this makeup off with out them seeing me" I got it done... in my sneaky ways But the thing is, i dont want
  13. Talk to EVERYONE not just her. (all the friends) It shows respect for all of them. Once your in you can take special interest in her