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  1. I am going to my OB tomorrow to request some BC pills in the hopes of clearing up my skin. Part of me wonders if this new round of acne isnt a result of weaning my year old baby and therefore, my period is getting ready to return. I wonder if it isnt hormonal???? Has anyone had any expereince with their skin clearing up after going on the pill & if so which one? TIA!
  2. So, if my skin is oily in the afternoon and I wash it bc I feel dirty, thats BAD??? I do this all the time. I may end up washing up to 4 times a day. Once in the AM, once on the afteroon, once if I go for a bike ride, then again @ bedtime. Sorry to hijack your post, but it sounds like I may be overwashing?
  3. Thank you! I printed the entire regimen and am gonna go hop into bed & read it! Good to meet you and thanks for the welcome!
  4. where to start. I am 35 y/o with 2 kids. My skin has never been great, but I am now having the worse time EVER with my skin. I used to break out on my forehead, my ears (y'all need a puking smiley) my chin and nose. I used Proactiv for a few yrs and it kept my skin under control. Not great. That coupled with 10% BP bar soap a few times a week. But I am now anti-Guthy-Renker and need a new plan. I am SUCH A MESS! I look into the mirror and I want to cry. I do cry. I am looking for some id