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  1. Any advice on flushing? I do it when i get nervous- and i get nervous whenever i talk with sb cause i know my face will flush - god hate it, possible to cut some nerves or? I dont flush when i have foundation cause i know that if i flush - nb will see. :but i have acne and clogged pores all over my face so i cannot wear foundation... uhhh i try aways myself to stay calm and dont flush but my face get burning hot despite that...
  2. Hi! I just got on differin + BP( 2 weeks ago added differin) and a week ago my skin was sooo dry, wrinkly cause it was so dry and peeling off- felt like a sand paper! Then i bought cetaphil facial moisturizer- god its amazing! It is very moisturizing and not stinging at all- before i had one other azelac moisturizer that cost 53 euros- god was burning as hell and way to expensive!! Luckily found cetaphil in Sweden cause in my country they dont even sell cetaphil!:/ Now going to buy in stock
  3. Have u tried the regimen? I had really bad inflammatory acne and it was the only thing that helped- took a month to see the difference! Made my skin clear! And if u buy it make sure u use it as supposed to :)
  4. Hi, I recommend u try either acne.org regimen wash and moisturizer or cetaphil ones. Both are AMAZING! I just started using cetaphil facial moisturizer a week ago when even water burned my face and it felt like a sandpaper and peeled off- now it is soft again! I can even use it under eye without burning! I would buy acne.org regimen moisturizer but i have to pay like 30 euros delivery+ when i ordered the kit i paid 20 euro tax also to get it from the post office- not nice at all! Hope it helps
  5. Have you tried the regimen? I had inflammatory moderate( really bad )acne and it cleared me up :) was amazing since nothing the dermatologists pescribed was helping
  6. Acne.org moisturizer is great :) also i just started using cetaphil face moisturizer cause my skin was red and extremely dry from differin- feels so good now :)
  7. Still clogged and oily- skin is dried out from BP. Started differin 1 week ago, hopinh for the best.. also got my first hydrofacial and in 3 weeks going again
  8. Hi:-) Thank you for the answers! My face was oily before BP but it comes in waves- Now again Its so damn oily I wash My face only 2 times per day not to over wash it- but i have to admit sometimes Its hot water under shower- put i Always use Cold water after... But i guess Its bad- i have had Fried food for 2 weeks as i had lunch at Turkish restaurant- bad idea i guess Its hard to find healthy lunch choices- found some salad place but they have chicken is very creams souce- maybe mayonese-
  9. hi! I was wondering how to fix super oily skin? few hours after my morning acne care routing My face looks like it has been dipped into oil pot!!! Very extremely oily... What to do? U use mild wash, 2.5 benzol preoxide( not all days) and moisturizer. I mean it really is horrible ... Thank you all Who would share their thoughts ))
  10. Hey all! Now all My acne is basically gone,thank god But now im left with terribly clogged pores Currently still using BP treatment Should i use strong retinoid or is there some other way to unclog deep pores that is impossible to scrub away Looking for you replies! Wish you all the best! )
  11. No i mean those big pores that have black dots in them. When i scratch them i get that dirt out put Its all over My face when looking closely ( Its like the clogged pores on the nose- only all over the face (
  12. Hello! I was wondering if Anybody could help me with My skin I have no acne but big (dark) pores I Will post pic. Currently using regimens BP Which cleared me up. How to combat those pores?(scars) Any ideas? Thanks for Any help EleFC
  13. Btw, i think i got swollen eyelid from BP - Its already the second time! Is it possible,? Again the right eyelid is more swollen I think i slept My right side of My face in the pillow
  14. hi! Can i use benzol prioxide as spot treatment? My acne has got better and i wonder if i can use it as spot treatment as i dont want to put this Chemical to my more or less clean skin All ideas Will help )
  15. Thank you for this answer and yeah i know they put so much chemicals into food nowadays - i guess the best is to try to eat ecological food when ever possible, I try to stay as healthy as i can but i slip some Tiny bit of sweets into My diet Once a week... Maybe i shouldnt do that .. Yeah i hope this regimen Keeps working - i have got some breakouts in the past few days i hope it heels now Best regards:-) Ele