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  1. Hi, I need to know how to get rid of or at least reduce the appearance of pitted acne scarring. My scars are shallow and I've done microdermabrasion in the past, but I see minimal results. I had considered doing Skin Needling and was all set up to do it, when I found out that people prone to keloids should not do it. My family has a history of keloids and I have one on my leg from when I had chicken pox when I was younger. So now that skin needling isn't an option, I need to find some type of
  2. Thanks Tea Rex and Missamua, I know the price is pretty expensive but the place I get my micro done has half price on all treatments so from $300 it's gone to $150 and I'm thinking of just trying it out, below are pictures of my scars, the photos quality is pretty grainy so it might look like I have rolling scars but majority of them are just pitted and a couple ice pick and enlarged pores, do you guys still think it'd work for me? And would it be worth it?
  3. Hi, So I recently booked myself in for microdermabrasion as I have post acne scars on my cheeks. As I was getting the microdermabrasion done, since majority of the scars I want gone are depressed, the lady recommended that I do skin needling. She said I would only need a few sessions as my scars aren't that deep. I've seen minor results with the micro and was wondering if anyone has had skin needling done and wether or not they found it effective. Also would you recommend it or should I fin
  4. Okay so I'll cut the scrub out of what I use and I'll try the cetaphil. I've used Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Mousturier before, and i think they have an SPF one, should I use that? I have not seen a dermatologist before but I might go during school holidays or at least to the doctors. I have not tried benzoyl peroxide yet either. Thank you for the tips, looks like I'll be buying new products and cutting stuff out.
  5. Hello Paigers, That is a lot of questions! But I've got time to answer them all. Lol. I generally drink maybe one bottle of water a day. I have not tried sleeping on a clean towel every night, but I have begun to change my pillowcase more frequently. Do you suggest I change it everyday or? Also I sleep with my hair up and down, it depends. With the dairy, I don't eat heaps of it or drink milk a lot but I do sometimes have cheese in my sandwiches and I eat oats for breakfast. I also like
  6. Hi, I'm a 15 year old girl who has had acne since I was in grade 4. For the first 1-2 years, I just had it on my forehead and now it's cleared up. But from the sixth grade till the present day, I've had to deal with Acne on my cheeks, both cheeks. People say that my acne is considered mild, but to me, I just find it absolutely disgusting and horrible. If it were just pimples I had to deal with then I think it wouldn't look as bad, but I have scars and blemishes and overall it looks terrible