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  1. Oh, I am just simply saying that the following food groups have been proven to cause acne: -diary -high GI It's common sense not to eat: -Fast food -Processed food - sweets It's always nice but not necessary to: - eat organic (no pesticides) -eat fresh produce (not canned) -drink 8 cups of water It's really smart to: -eat antiinflamatory diet -nutrition to be considered over taste -avoid added sugars and salt Once meat is substituted for beans/rice/gluten-free grains and legu
  2. I started at 20mg for the first month for my body to adjust to the medication, and ever since then I've been on 40mg.
  3. I'll ask her next time. Epiduo contains a retinoids and benzoyl peroxide, But the retinoids don't kill the bacteria, they only exfoliate your face, so I need to substitute BP's effects with another less invasive product. I have used a BP wash/soap in the past, so I am thinking to ask her to prescribe me that... I want to keep my routine simple. Currently I am using CeraVe face wash 2x/day and CeraVe moisturizer (at night). I use the green Skinceuticals serum in the morning for the redness.
  4. Well, the thing is that I stopped exploring, because I did that for years to no avail. The link between nutrition and acne is a science and if one is able to follow the rules the results will follow.
  5. It'll take a long time to find out which foods cause acne by elimination and then waiting 2-3 months to notice results or lack thereof and be certain that no other factors are playing a role in the formation of acne. It can turn into not only a very long process, but also unsuccessful and frustrating one. That's why it is better to just get on the healthiest diet possible.
  6. My doc put me on epiduo. It dries quickly and it's not irritating. I use it once a day in the morning. The problem is that when I start sweating at the gym while I'm running my skin gets a little itchy and it makes me feel uncomfortable. That's what it used to happen when I was using Duac. Both creams have benzoyl peroxide which is known for those side effects. I will see if washing my face with a gentle face wash before my workouts does the trick. PS I broke my diet for 2 weeks and didn'
  7. Yes, low GI diets are proven by many studies to reduce acne. Studies on diary have the same results. I don't know if meat is bad or not, even if it's grass-fed and organic, but once one starts eliminating high GI foods, processed foods and animal products in general the skin seems to clear up instantly.
  8. Hey Robertitoo, Don't you think you should treat the acne first and then continue with the scar treatment? I'm asking because that's what doctors usually recommend and puncturing the skin with needles may aggravate the situation. I'm concerned that once I complete the 6-month post-Accutane period I will have to deal with some active acne as well as scaring- basically be in your current situation. How bad is your acne and aren't you afraid it will get worse if left untreated? By the way, how
  9. Last dr. Appointment regarding accutane is approaching. I wonder what she'll prescribe me for maintenance. Any suggestions? I was going to ask for duac and Differin.
  10. Tanning has uv Rays so it helps, but at the cost of wrinkles and potentially melanoma...
  11. Hey there, Seems like they're just pigmented spots and not actual scars, so the regimen should help (the AHA product is especially helpful). You have to give it a try for at least 2-3 months to notice results. Have patience
  12. I'm on a vegan diet with the majority of food being raw. I also eat gluten free, organic, and take daily vitamins... My skin has never been clearer, but I also completed a 11 month course on accutane... I guess it doesn't hurt to bring the big guns any way you can when you're dealing with a persistent problem.
  13. I got 2 affordable self tanning gels, one of which is waterproof. Quick update on my vegan diet... It's been a long journey until I got to the point of eating mostly uncooked organic "clean", vegan, gluten-free and obviously dairy-free diet, but I did it........ I really hope this will be the last thing I have to do in my life for my acne. Oh, I forgot to mention I run every day, take supplements and a couple of days ago I started having a cup of green tea in the AM. Maybe I should also sta
  14. TANNING. I am probably one of the palest people in my town right now and I'm not even Irish. Accutane has made me very cautious of the sun, so I am rarely if ever exposed and when that happens I have 50 SPF. PROBLEM: I'm so pale that it doesn't look natural especially now over the summer. I need to get a self tanner- any recomendations? I'm so afraid I'll break out, but there is only 1 way to find out and I'm willing to take the risk. I'm also willing to have Mystic Spray tan done, but eve