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  1. Well a few days ago i got back from martha's vineyard with my friends. During the entire span of the trip (about 4 or 5 days) i wasn't able to put any benzoyl peroxide on my face because there was basically no place for me to find bp on the island. anyway, i got back home with a mild breakout that i didn't really carre about because i've gotten them before and i just put some bp on and it's gone in a day or two. so probably 2 or 3 days after i got back i was putting on my cetaphil moisturize
  2. Well i've been on the csr for about, idk, 3-4 months, and i haven't seen a new pimple in ages. If i do get them then they stay extremely small. I did have one cyst-like thingy on my chin a little while ago (probably because of stress from SATs). I moved directly from 2.5% bp to 10% bp about a month or two ago and i never looked better. ALthough it is extremely annoying how much the 10% dries out my skin and causes flaking, it's better than the acne because I can just take care of it with some mo
  3. alright thanks, i know that CVS sells exfoliation pads and they even have ones meant for sensitive skin so i'll try that one out. Should I be exfoliating my breakouts though? I heard that that could make them worse.
  4. Ever since i started the CSR probably about 2 weeks ago, i'm not really sure, my nose has gotten worse and worse. The rest of my skin is consistently getting clearer, however. What is happening is that it looks and feels like my pores on my nose are getting plugged up. This never happened before. And i'm talking a real CAP on top of the pores. Is it called a sebum plug or something? Anyways, this only started after i started putting on bp and using cetaphil moisturizing lotion spf15. Eventua
  5. I've read a couple posts where people have mentioned the 2-week breakout, the 1 month breakout, the 2 month breakout and so on. is there a common time where you will breakout while on the CSR? i know everyone's skin is different so it definitely can't be accurate but is there a general idea? I've been on the CSR for about a week or 2 now and i had a bad breakout around my chin/lips. idk help.
  6. "any rookie would just try to rub it off or whatever. DO NOT DO THAT. it irritates the hell out of your acne thats already trying to "sprout" but wont unless irritated." thanks for the tip on not rubbing flakes off. i do it all the time and noticed i'm breaking out around those areas (around my lips). i don't even really care if i have dry skin in public i just don't want breakouts!
  7. Here's an idea: just print out a pic of somebody that has unsightly scars from picking and tape it in front of your mirror in your bathroom and leave it there for you to look at all the time. or put it in your locker or next to your bed or something. sometimes i do this with reminders. i use post it notes and stuff to remind me. why not just use a picture of scars to remind you not to pick? if somebody else sees this pic though they'll probably be really weirded out.
  8. My question is this: am i supposed to go to bed after putting on bp and doing the csr? usually i've been putting it on and then staying up a few more hours (sometimes because I choose to, others i can't fall asleep). is there some rule to this? i'm about a week into the regimen.
  9. Well if you look at both the articles, the one that says exercise is bad for your skin is about 6 or 7 years old. however, the other one that says exercise is good for the skin is only about a year old. I'd rather trust the recent information and also from a reliable source like web md.
  10. ok i've decided just to go on the clear skin regimen now and i'll take pics and all that stuff and hopefully be able to keep a journal on this website. thanks for the advice everyone!
  11. well i ate an entire bag of baby carrots the other day. how many regular carrots are you supposed to eat? i never knew your skin could turn orange because of that.
  12. Well in that picture i have a red mark on my right cheek because i was leeaning on it for a while. Also my face just looked inflamed and red because i burn easily because of my light pigment/irish background. the tretinoin makes it especially easy for me to burn. besides most of those marks are red marks left behind from old pimples.
  13. i heard that you aren't supposed to exfoliate on your face if your acne is already there. it's just that i've heard so much about how bp does so many wonders and everything, i'm just worried that my face is begging for some in the morning. one thing i like about the eye cream is that it has spf in it and the only other sunscreen i have can't be put on the eye area. also it makes the eye area seem less tired and stuff.
  14. If you look at my signature down below, you can see that i only wash my face in the morning and put moisturizer on it. However, I see that almost everyone else is putting something else on it and doing extra. I may just be paranoid, but who isn't about their acne? I'm looking for any suggestions that will work with tretinoin cream at night and sensitive skin. Thanks for any feedback. I bought some benzoyl peroxide 2.5% today and was hoping to use that in the morning. However, I heard this ru
  15. well I use niveau for men revitalizing eye cream. it contains coenzyme Q10 and has an SPF 6. I'm not so sure what it does for moisturizing because it doesn't advertise that on the packaging at all, but I know for sure from lots of all niters that it definitely reduces wrinkles in appearance and makes your eyes less puffy. One thing i notice is that after a few hours of it on, if you feel under your eyes, the feeling is somewhat tacky and it feels like the skin is being stretched. It's kind of