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  1. Thanks tabula_rasa! 6 months for me will be around October. My PS mentioned perhaps trying a spot treatment with an erbium laser...what kind of laser are you having done? The juvederm did an ok job--I think I'll get a touch up. I hope the filler options improve. Something else I considered doing is some self needling. I've done in in the past, but it has been awhile. My thought now is that I will do some self-needling probably before anything else--since it is MUCH cheaper and no down ti
  2. Update....... I went to my PS for my 4 week follow up from my PSR3... I feel I had good improvement from it, not what I hoped, but none the less, it was improvement. My scar is getting closer to the surrounding skin, making it less noticeable. I decided to have my PS inject a filler-Juvederm. It has been 6 days ago and the scar looks even better. I will go back for touch up filler in about 2-3 weeks, if I need it. I have had alot done with my scar since Jan. '07---6 fraxel 1 treatments, P
  3. I have had all 3 - CO2, Fraxel 1, 6 treatments and PSR3. They were all done to the scar I have from an excision-spot treatments. Each one, in their own way, have helped, but did not "cure" my scar...sadly it is still there... However, it has made gradual improvements. The borders of the excised scar were sharp and it appeared like I was cut with a knife --which indeed I was. Each treatment has worked on softening the borders and the depth has lessened. My fraxels were 1-2 weeks apart a
  4. Dermabrasion in 2005 cheeks only = $800
  5. I have taken a few pics and hope to try and post them at some point. I neglected to take as many as I have in the past with other procedures. My PS, however, does an excellent job at photos nearly every time before my fraxels, and the PSR3. Not sure if she "shares" them with the patients so I could post her photos of me...???
  6. 1. How old are you? Female/Male? 43 - FEMALE 2. What kind of acne scarring do you have & where? INDENTED EXCISION-CHEEK 3. How many treatments are you having in total? COMPLETED 6 WITH FRAXEL 1 20MJ-35 MJ ALL 125 DENSITY *TREATMENTS WERE SPOT-TO SCAR AREA ONLY* 4. Total price of your treatments? $1500 5. How many treatments have you had so far and what kind of improvement are you seeing? COMPLETED 6...GOOD RESULTS... HAD SUBCISION AT 1ST TREATMENT...FOLLOWED WITH PSR3 --3 WEEKS AFTER L
  7. I don't know anything about the pixel/Palomar. I had Fraxel 1 and I did gain some improvement. Look into the plasma portrait-PSR3. I had it done 15 days ago and I am pleased so far. Check out my updates on the topic and check out these sites as well. Good luck. http://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/news/ng.asp...ve-portrait-psr http://www.modernmedicine.com/modernmedici...l.jsp?id=383620
  8. Please do. I for one am considering this in the future. I understand the results won't really be seen for 3-6 months. Did you have any raised scars?
  9. My PS rec. polysporin--keep it moist until sutures are removed.
  10. 10 days since the PSR3... For the past 5 days I have had some flaking/peeling-not bad. The area is dark pink now. The scar--still present, appears to be smoother and the borders are not as sharp. It is hard to give fair judgement on the actual scar until the flaking stops. I will continue to give updates-- in case anyone out there is interested.
  11. Plasma Skin Resurfacing. PSR3 You may need some excisions 1st, to bring some of the scars closer to the surface. Unfortunately, there most likely won't be only 1 thing that you'll need to do, but a combination of things-from my experience. Good Luck!
  12. I had an excision 3/05 -deep crater about 1cm also. The linear scar became indented and stayed indented and I've been trying to fix it since. I'm happy I did the excision--although it didn't end up a flat straight line. I've done spot CO2, spot Fraxel-6 treatments and PSR3 (5days ago) gradually,I have gained a great deal of improvement. Perhaps at 3-6 months you could have some resurfacing. I waited about 9 1/2 months. Ask your Dr. Check out my recent (or past-if you want) posts. Best of lu
  13. If the scars are deep, you need to get them closer to the surface before you can resurface. If they are tiny I'd do/have TCA done, or look into Skin Bio Exfol/CPserums. Good Luck.
  14. Excision is cutting the ice picks with a scalpel or punch and then closed with stitches. This elevates the scar for easier resurfacing. I saw a picture of a patient at my PS with ice picks. She had fraxel with PSR3 (plasma) Her ice picks were essentially gone! I recently had the PSR3 on my excision. Check out my post.