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  1. Thanks for your reply, glad to hear that you had some success with the regimen. I just don't think it will work for me anymore, it seems to give me clogged pores and horrible dull skin. I think I'll just have to use bp as an on the spot treatment and just completely reduce the topicals from now on, I think my skin has just given up after years of harsh treatments. I'm going to try the less is more approach and see if my skin balances itself out. I'm at the end of my patience with it all its gett
  2. Hey don't feel discouraged. I feel as thought all this irritation might be because of using too many irritating products way too often. You need to give your skin some time to heal all the trauma from all those products with a high percentage of active ingredients. I actually had acne just like yours prior to starting the regimen and I think you should come back on the regimen but follow it strictly. Do exactly as Dan advises and you will see results (I also did see improvements in my skin). Whi
  3. Well if you wear makeup then having oily skin would cause the makeup to slip and slide.
  4. Yes girl I couldn't have said it any better. That's why I love this regimen. It offers so much more than just products, but an actual community to connect with! And lately I've been sleeping with Vaseline on my flaky spots just to get that extra kick that it needs. And now that you say it isn't comedogenic I might use it more! For some reason I always though it would be a clogger due to its thickness. Thanks girl!!
  5. Damn I know exactly what you mean girl! Although I didn't experience much dryness, redness was a major problem for me. All my previous acne marks and active breakouts were on FIRE! Like they even began blistering to the point where some had dried up blood on top. Sorry for the tmi! And as for Vaseline I totally agree with you. It def helped eliminate the extremely mask like stretch across my face. Especially at the corners of my mouth lol
  6. I also never experienced any dryness in the first week primarily due to the fact that my face is always super oily. However, I did start to experience some dryness during week 5 and as the weather in my area because extremely cold.
  7. I mean that I can feel the film of the bp. Like my face feels really smooth as if the gel is still on and once I wash it with water I can feel my normal skin again. Does that make sense? I don't know how else to put it. I would like to use a scrub but since I just started the regimen I don't want to further irritate my skin. Even thought I've been on it for a month and a week it just recently went through another purge cycle *sigh*
  8. So For about two weeks I've increased my bp dosage to a full fingers length. In the morning when I'm about to wash my face I can feel the bp residue from the previous night. Anyone else experience this? Am I not fully massaging it into my skin or something. All comments appreciated! Thank in advance!
  9. Wow what a touching log. As I was reading your logs I've noticed that though acne.org didn't solve your acne issues, it did at least in some way steer you to other products that ended up turning your skin around 360 degrees. It's great that something great came out of the acne.org regimen. I hope my skin turns into a new leaf in this upcoming future.
  10. I would have to disagree with you in a sense that dan's bp absorbs quickly and seamlessly. I know we all have different skin types but that premium feel of PC bp could be due to other ingredients which I personally believe could be just filers in a product. I love dan's bp solely because there such few ingredients and such slim chances for anything to further aggravate the skin.
  11. Periiwiinkle

    Day 3

    Day 3 Wasn't any different from day 2. A few more whiteheads towards the lower half of my face. My sister said my acne looks like it's getting worse with this bp. I'm trying not to let that get to me and just continue with determination. Day 4 Much of the whiteheads have actually started to clear out. I still have a few really big active spots. My skin is itchy under my chin but above my neck. I should probably moisturizer it with Tamanu oil.
  12. Hey Acne.org Pals, Welcome to Stepping Stone, a blog written to address everything and anything in this chaotic mind of mine. Let me introduce myself, I'm Periwinkle, a 21 year old female suffering from acne. No surprise lol. A few days ago I received the regimen kit. I'm ecstatic to start this journey to clear skin (as cliche as it might seem). What's different from this regimen compared to everything else out there is the fact that there's a place to keep both a log and blog. To me this means
  13. sadly I've forgot what it feels like to have clear skin. But don't fret pals! We too will have clear skin one day. Don't lose hope