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  1. Yeah, accutane must have messed up your digestive system some. I hope your acne stays gone! In the meantime, it's good your working on healing your body while your acne is gone. That may keep it from coming back. I have leaky gut acne, myself. healing has made my acne go away (and less of a problem when I cheat on my diet). Good luck! Hope you heal! Definitely! I truly believe we can just rely on medicine to help heal our bodies. Need some natural alternatives as well. But thanks! I hop
  2. Day 150 It's been awhile since I've updated. It's been probably been a little over a month and I've been on 60 mg. Since I'm taking absorbica, my dermtaologist perscribed me two 30mg a day so I've been doing that for almost a month. No problems as far as my skin. It's not severely dry and moisturizing once or twice a day it's solved. Only effect really has been my lips. They get so dry but nothing that's unbearable. As soon as I apply aquaphor...it's like God sent. My skin is completely clear.
  3. Day 102 quick update. I noticed I got a little breakout. Not bad, but a little more than I typically have been getting. I know the medicine is working though because they aren't big nor all over my face. Just again as I stated previously my stubborn side. I know though this breakout was my fault because, I not only got weak and ate junk food close to that time of the month, but also probably a little over confident thinking I'll be fine. But I learned my lesson and will stay away from the junk
  4. Day 99 New upadate. Can't believe tomorrow will be literally 100 days I've been on this medicine. But it's been a week since I've been on 40 mg and my skin is clearer than ever! Every week it gets clearer and clearer. Thank God! My skin is just about dry as it's been on the other mg. My lips are constantly dry but not to the point where they crack or are bleeding. I'm not getting many zits really just here and there. And the thing is I've eaten a little poorly the past two weeks. Had pizza fries
  5. Day 77 It's been awhile but I figured I'd update. It's my second week on 30 mg and things are going great so far. Still not much side effects to report. No aches or sores, skin is dry but nothing unbearable, and my lips are always dry but, once I apply aquaphor throughout the day I'm good. The indentations I had from the cortisone shots filled in from last time I updated. I only have one deep one right under my eye above my cheek bone, but I'm not sure what's that from since I never had a pimple
  6. Day 57 Quick update. It's been awhile, but everything is going pretty well. Only side effect really are dry lips, but I've always had dry lips so it doesn't really bother me. I just apply either this lip balm that I love or aquaphor depending my mood lol. No soreness or anything to report. My skin is clearing up and my skin is lightening up as well. I'm not breaking out as much only around my period, but it's not severe. It's annoying but you deal with it. I went to see my doctor today. Blood wo
  7. Day 39 Quick update. No major side effects. My skin isn't really flaky, or really dry now it's just normal. I still mositurize anyway. No aches or pain. I even started going back to the gym, went three times this past week and haven't experienced soreness. I truly believe it's the fish oil. As far as breakouts, since my last update I did get a pimple on my forehead, one under my eye and then another one under that pimple near my laugh line. You could of probably connected them with a straight li
  8. Hopefully...no it will continue to get better stay strong! I noticed you had chest pains? Was it really bad? I had a really bad chest pain last week where I couldn't do anything, if I laid down it hurt, if I got up it hurt anything I did I was in excuriating pain! It was scary but it went away...I was just wondering how bad your chest pain was?
  9. Day 34 So it's been a little over a month I've been on accutane! I can't believe I was so against taking this for years, and a month has literally flew by. So far I've had no complaints. Besides the initial breakout in the first week and the weird chest pain I got the weekend before, my skin has taken really well to the accutane so I thank God for that. I visited my dermatologist on Thursday, well she's really not my dermatologist, she practices under the main one basically, but I saw her on T
  10. Day 27 The fish oil is a miracle vitamin! I couldn't believe how I bounced back up this morning, especially the pain I was in yesterday and Saturday. Don't get me wrong I'm still pretty sore and if I stretch my arm or move a certain way, my chest and my arm still pretty hurts, but it's a vast improvement, and I'm able to move around better. So I took another one today, just took ibuprofen, and going to take another hot bath with Epson salt and rubbing alcohol. That seemed to do the trick. Oh and
  11. Day 26 Not much to report skin wise. Lips are dry and face is dry..my body is dry too, but as long as I mositurize I'm good. I noticed my skin has been getting lighter, but I think it's just the dark spots are going away and that my actual color is showing. I'm not getting any crazy breakouts...nothing like the first week so that's good. Now the bad part. On Friday, I felt I was getting sick and had a slight throat, but on Saturday I went to work and had a pain in my chest that was/is unbeara
  12. Day 20 It felt soooo great to be at work , and I didn't have to pat down my face because it was oily. I did it once out of habit, but my skin was normal for once. Idk how long normal is going to last, but I'm currently happy with the process so far. My lips are slightly dry but aquaphor takes care of that every few hours. The only bad side effect I am currently experiencing is soreness. That back of my right arm...I guess my back is absolutely killing me and I'm just sore in general. I thought t
  13. Day 19 My skin has finally dried up! I noticed on Saturday my skin wasn't oily, and that my skin and lips were drier. It wasn't severly dry or flaky, but my face hasn't looked like it's covered in grease...thank God. No new breakout has occurred only one near my chin that grew to a head. The cysts on the side of my face are going down and the one near my mouth is pretty huge. Then I have one huge planet on my forehead that won't go away but other than that things are good right now. Until ne
  14. Day 16 Technically day 16 was Jan 1st, but anyway my pimples I had a couple of days ago, have either went away, or dried up due to the cortisone shots and extraction. I do have two cysts on my forehead on the left side...no one can see them because how my hair falls, so at least I don't have to worry about people seeing that. I do have a small pimple on my chin that grew to a head and then one near the side of my mouth, but no other new ones to report Thank God. I still have a couple of cysts on
  15. Day 13 Still no dry skin, but got a couple new pimples on my forehead...and like two on my eyebrow(Seriously?) Another one seem to appear near the ones under my eye (makes my right eye look swollen actually or like I have bags under eye it's so weird), one on my upper lip and a couple of small cysts on both cheeks, and two on my jawline....argh. They're not huge, but it's annoying to look at...especially while wearing makeup and your face gets oily smh. But it's cool ...hasn't brought my mood do