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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions guys! It's actually clearing a little bit (of course not as much as I'd like at all), but I've started brushing 3 times a day...mouth wash 3 times a day...and still takin' the Caltrate...hmm. I'm definitely going to look at this probiotic though. I need to know first though...is it bad to just jump in on the 4-5 billion organism pills...should I take 1 a day for like the first week...then jump it to 2? And how long do I take these? Do I make them routine or do I s
  2. Hey everyone. Just wanted to post this...and wanted to know of anyone who might be in the same boat. I've had a minimal white coating on my tongue for almost a year now and have been trying to find out why. I brush my teeth regularly and use mouthwash regularly as well, but it always seems to exist. I don't drink milk, which makes me believe that it could be a calcium deficiency (which is entirely possible). I've been taking Caltrate currently, until I can get some Coral Calcium, but has anyone
  3. I've been using Hydrogen Peroxide 3 times daily and Benzoyl Peroxide at night for the past 3 days and am seeing amazing results. My mom commented on my face today and said she saw a major improvement...and once I looked in the mirror, I was amazed. I had a big honker come out of nowhere on the left side of my face, but all the inflamed spots (acne underneath the skin is what I mainly deal with) is starting to disappear. I know Hydrogen Peroxide isn't suppose to be good for your skin due to the
  4. I ordered Dan's BP gel last Thursday and received it today, the day before I was suppose to! I was extremely excited and had to put it on! I was amazed at how smooth it glided on when compared to the Neutrogena On-The-Spot... Hopefully it works just as well. On-The-Spot use to flake off really bad in clumps which was kind of gross...it would look like dead skin when in reality it was just clumped up BP. I put Dan's BP gel on and it was no different than applying a facial lotion. We'll see how
  5. I'm on about day 9 of no caffeine and am seeing some improvement in my skin. I've been drinking Sprite and Sierra Mist in place of other fountain drinks that contain caffeine. I thought I'd give it a try and my acne on my left cheek has really subsided. I've also been trying to drink 64 oz of water a day, so that may be helping as well. I've been slacking on taking fish oil since I've run out (just got some more today), but I usually take 2400 mg a day. Has anyone cut caffeine out of their daily
  6. In no way is this "very severe". Your skin is not "incredibly" inflamed and it appears that you do not have cystic acne. This definitely fits the moderate category. What are you currently doing to help with your acne (e.g. face wash, bp, etc.)