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  1. Hello, everyone! I've been using AHA+ with the regimen, and for the first couple of weeks it did wonders! But now it's really starting to dry out my skin, making it flaky and red. I've stopped using it, but I'm worried my skin won't completely clear now that I've cut the AHA out. Will the 3-step regimen by itself still help my skin? Or is AHA a necessary step?
  2. Hey, everyone! I work in a restaurant, and my face gets pretty oily/greasy after each shift. It's easy to take care of after a dinner shift, because I can just go home, do my nighttime regimen, and go to bed. Occasionally though, I have a lunch shift where I'm off of work in the middle of the day (like 3 PM). I know I'm not supposed to wash my face more than twice a day, but I worry if I don't wash my face after a lunch shift, I'll break out. Would it be okay to wash my face in the middle of
  3. Hello, all! For the longest time, the right side of my face has been breaking out more often than the left side of my face. After consideration for what could be causing this, I came to realize that it has to be from work. I work as a server at a Mexican restaurant, and a lot of the dishes we sell come on sizzling skillets (like fajitas), where there is plenty of steam and oil jumping from the skillet. When I bring out a tray of food to a table, I have to place these trays of oily food on my
  4. Hello everyone! Today marked the end of my 5th week of using 2% SA and 10% BP. I've seen virtually no improvement, and to top it all of, my skin is now very dry and looks slightly worse. I've decided to try out Dan's acne.org products, but was wondering how to go about the switch. - Since this is my first day that I've stopped using my SA/BP regimen, should I wait a few days to let my skin return to normal before using the acne.org stuff? - When I start using the acne.org products,