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    Good in moderation

    Good in moderation

    I use this about once a month but I have to be careful to apply my fancy moisturizer because this can get drying fast. I used it every day for about a week and I got so flaky and I broke out terribly. I found this to help control my acne with a light touch. Not very good if you are looking for a daily cleanser, but can be very beneficial if you use it during a breakout.
  2. Thingswillimprove34

    Miracle product

    Miracle product

    When I started using this, I had moderate to severe acne. In my routine, I like to keep things simple with a Cetaphil wash, this moisturizer, and a spot treatment. My dermatologist wanted to take me off all acne medications because she wanted to put me on an antibiotic, and when I stopped using this, I broke out horribly. After 10 months of antibiotics, I stopped the pills and now I'm back to my normal routine and I noticed my skin is starting to clear up again! I cannot believe this product too