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  1. I have experimented with both low carb and high carb diets: I currently eat a high carb diet. Find out what works for you, everyone is different. There is the paleo low carb crew. Then there is the high carb crew: McDougall starch solution/durianriders are part of the high carb crew. look them up on youtube. Do your own research, each side thinks it is right. Maybe a balance. Also you say you are eating healthy but if you wanted to get more serious you could eliminate the citrus lemo
  2. Introduction: Long time lurker here. Probably been visiting the site for over 3 years without posting. Male, 24 years old. Acne since about 17. Got really bad in May 2014, have now found a way to have clear skin. Will keep you all updated. What I have experimented with: (much of this did not work) Paleo diet, vegan diet, low fat high carb vegan diet, apple cider vinegar both topical and injested, caveman style no products on face, 801010 raw vegan diet, acne.org regimen, megadosing b5, j