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  1. Hey thanks for the suggestions! funnily enough I like neutrogena lol not for fighing acne but i one of their cleansers and moisturisers daily. I will put in about products though, and thinking that buying one thing will make it all go away etc. Even though your point about first person is quite valid, I probably will anyway. I just think it'll be easier. If it comes to it i can write it in first person then go back and rewrite it with a narrator. I guess i'll have to see what the editor of the
  2. Hey guys thanks for the feedback! I've had a few ideas for a storyline which mostly come from my own life. I was thinking about starting in the middle perhaps flicking through some old photos of myself before i had acne. Then kind of explaining the whole situation and telling the story of what happend to me. (getting depressed, developing an obsession, etc). I was thinking of including where i got dumped by my bf coz i think that had something to do with my skin (we're back together now and cou
  3. thanks thats a really good idea. I had originally thought to start in the middle (when it was at its worst) and then go back to the beginning but yer not sure
  4. Hi guys, I've recently signed up to do a workshop called 'body image scrimage' where you write stories or poems based on body image. I thought it would be good to write one on acne and what happend to me (i'm on accutane though am clear now) or other people. I have about a week and a half to write it with a word limit of about 1000. Then we go back and edit the stories through drama workshops and they will be published in a book at the end of the year. My friend did this last year and I really r
  5. Hey guys! Havn't posted in a while but I read the forums quite often. I just wanted to know...is this a scary movie? I'm spose to see it tomorrow with a bunch of friends and don't really want to get all freaked out lol. I'm 14 btw and I thought house of wax was scary but the grudge wasn't. Hopefully that gives you a little to go off Yes, mock me all you want for this question Cheers
  6. Hey guys! I've been on accutane for about 2mnths now and it has done wonders for my skin. At the moment I usually only have between 1-3 pimples at a time. The thing is I have a lot of redmarks (mostly on the sides of my face) and I was wondering what i can do (if anything) to treat them while on accutane? ATM, Im using a Neutrogena SA cleanser morning and night, Neutrogena oil free moisturiser in the moring and cetaphil moisturiser at night, this regimen seems to be working quite well. Than
  7. Im in as well. I think this is a great idea, ive been trying to stop for AGES!! I quoted darkdeeds coz Im exactly the same lol
  8. Hey!! I really liked your poem I write poetry too, i find it really helps if im feeling down and gives me confidence in myself. I wrote this the other day...its a bit weird and on the depressing side but meh lol Anyway let me know what you think- Lizzy Every moment is a struggle Each heartbeat causes pain What’s the point of going on, When I’ve nothing left to gain? No one seems to notice I toss and turn inside And in my thoughts and dreams and pen, I silently confide The day
  9. Yeah i had the same thing happen to me. i didnt think my acne was all that severe but as soon as i went to a derm i got put on accutane (i start next week) sounds like my acne's a bit like yours coz its persitant and i have a few cysts. anyway, good luck:)
  10. I use cetaphil and that works well for me Its very gentle and isnt very expensive either. Good luck!!
  11. Argh!!!!! The area around my mouth is breaking out like crazy!! Why is this happening? Before i started the regimen the area around my mouth wasnt too bad, so i dont know what is happening. I think I'll cut back on the bp around there and see what happens. I really need to get clear guys. I do about 15 hrs of dancing a week, which means im constantly in front of a mirror, and when your the only one in the room with acne its really depressing:( Anyway cya later
  12. Thanks Brandy and acne1989!! I don't really wear much make-up because I'm only 13, occaisionally I wear a bit of eyeliner or mascara, but as I don't wear much, the cetaphil seems to work ok. I really like the cetaphil because it's so gentle...but I'll see how it goes. I'm thinking about odering Dan's BP, so maybe I could get the cleanser at the same time. Face is looking ok, although i have quite a few very small pimples around my mouth/jaw So far I really like the new moisturiser, although
  13. hey guys! ive been on the regimen for a few days now. overall, my face is looking and feeling better, which is great!! i have a few more whiteheads than usual, but i guess this is just the IB. I have been trying VERY hard not to pick at them, so they are dying quickley and dont look to bad:) I bought a new moisturiser today, Neutrogena oil free moisture, because the one I was using wasnt very good, and I like Neutrogena products. Well hopefully my face will continue to improve, adios until
  14. Hey guys...welcome to my regimen log:) I came across this site last week, and decided to give the CSR a try...so here goes. Also, if you have any advice or comments on the products I'm using, plz post, thanks. Regimen MorningCetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, proactiv repairing lotion (2.5% BP), Nutrimetics oil free apricot moisturising lotion, 1x Vibra Tablet 50mg (Doxycycline) Night Same as above minus tablet Well wish me luck...I'll keep ya posted, good luck t oeveryone else starting the regi
  15. Hey guys, Im new to the boards I was surprised to see that many of you guys have exactly the same problem as me, in regard to picking. I always pick at my face when I'm stressed or upset even though i know it makes it worse. I find you just have to be really hard on yourself, not looking in mirrors to often helps, and as Carena said, if you stop for a few days, your face is garunteed to look better so you won't be as tempted to pick.