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  1. 'tis a major boil/carbuncle. Looks like it might have been enlarged "slightly" but I don't know, could be real. Treatment for that is slightly different than regular acne. He does need a surgical intervention if it is real. Not fun.
  2. You look fine. I can tell you are using a retinoid, because of the redness and peeling, but I agree that to call this severe is absurd. It's barely mild. Seems to be responding to the meds. You do have some makeup on, because of the eyeliner. (Maybe no foundation??) A doctor would be "negligent" if he allowed serious medicines like accutane, but I don't know what you looked like before the topicals. Don't even try to call it moderate, many people on the board would love to have that
  3. I'm glad to hear Taz helps red marks, but does it help cysts? Anyone know?
  4. I have fairly tough skin and tazorac did not really fry it like others have said. If it did irritate, it was around sensitive spots such as the mouth and nose. I loved tazorac and found it to be one of the most effective topicals I have used. However, I stopped using it once my acne went cystic! So does this not help cystic acne? My daughter is only using it because of cysts... well, really to prevent the small pimples from going cystic.
  5. Do peopel with darker skin usually do better with Taz? My daughter has pretty "tough" skin in that it doesn't sunburn, doesn't flake, is oily, and thick. This will make her acne more stubborn, but I think she can handle the Taz anyway. She is on the short application method. I will have to watch and see how it works. I don't want her to have negative side effects since her acne is not that bad yet, but she's had a cyst and the derm is trying to be proactive (LOL).
  6. My daughter was prescribed this today (at age 8!). She was told to leave it on for 2 minutes and wash it off. (of course I oversee the whole thing) It seems pretty drastic stuff for juvenile acne, but she had one cyst so he started with this. Is there initial breakout with this stuff?? Anyone know?
  7. I think I'd just experiment with a couple. Don't wanna end up with a bunch of "post extraction" inflammations and infected zits. I'd live with the blackheads and use a toner. (that's not to say that I haven't used a needle on my face before... I think I did today already, but I wouldn't extract little blackheads this way if I had more than a couple.) There are other blackhead removal methods, and like someone said, only you really notice the blackheads that much.
  8. This is what my daughter gets (rarely and not just on face) and they aren't boils or anything, just purple cysts. No one knows why... Hers, unfortunately, take a very long time to go away once they are opened. I'd say maybe 3-4 weeks? Hers scar pretty deep, also. Yours may not be as deep as hers, so don't fret. She got one by her smile crease and now it looks like a dimple, actually. UGH. Did your doctor mention why your cyst behaves this way??? My husband had cystic acne, but it never t
  9. I agree with royal. Your cyst doesn't look "bad" enough to be causing that much swelling in your eye. Have you been messing with it? My cysts usually drained DOWN and fluid rarely went that far away from the center (byt my lymph nodes would swell in my neck). It probably is just a plain old cyst, but I agree that you should request an emergency Derm appt on Monday and mention the eye a LOT (so they'll schedule you). The ibuprofen, ice packs, and HANDS OFF is the only thing you can do right
  10. Thanks for the reply. We use salicylic acids all the time. I think we are going to have to go for a slightly stronger acid or exfoliator. I didn't realize there are so many IBs. I don't remember getting that with my treatments years ago, then again, no doctor told me it was possible.
  11. I've seen initial breakouts for Accutane and Differin. I don't remember Retin-A doing that to my skin. The differin website states that the exacerbation is due to "unseen breakouts" or some such nonsense. Does that mean that they would have come out later? I really don't want to start my child or myself on anything that's going to make it worse first, since currently our acne is barely mild-moderate. Are the strongest medicines always the hardest to start? (we aren't really candidates fo
  12. I'm sorry. That sucks. They really shoudl cover a broken tooth replacement, even temporarily. You can get a huge glob of bond added to one and sculpted for not much (granted it won't last long, will it??) I had acne when I got braces and my ortho was always wanting to put moisturizer on the corners of my mouth because they were flaky and dry. I was always freaked out I'd breakout from it. He just didn't want my zit face to break open and bleed when he had my mouth cranked open. Ahh.. memo
  13. I dunno shmelis, eating all the fiber I eat I don't know how I wouldn't have two poos a day... I go for like 30g a day, never really obsess about it so I don't know if it's exactly that but I do eat an apple or two pretty much every day, vegetables, usually a legume or some quinoa, and psyllium... so a lot of that roughage moves through! well I rarely go a day without a poo... if I'm sick and not eating, then sometimes I don't poo, but that goes without saying... but I don't ALWAYS poo t
  14. I come here for this very reason. My husband had "stage 4 cystic acne" in 1988 and went through one course of accutane. I had moderate acne and used every antibiotic, metrogel, retin-a, and other precription topical known to man. At age 33 mine is pretty much resolved, husband is relatively clear (never worries about his) but my 8 year old daughter has a follicular issue that causes keratin plugs, blackheads, and cysts. We had a dermatologist tell us when my daughter was two that she would h
  15. My experience with cysts is like yours. They rarely come to a head and rarely resolve without drug or injection intervention. Reoccurence in the same location is much more likely with a cyst. I've never been able to bring one to a "true head" with a warm compress and they never respond to BP. I have usd compresses anyway and tried tea tree oil (which is very irritating, but in a small location on a specific cyst I have had great luck with)./ I think you are right that many people are discus