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  1. I went to a beauty salon yesterday for a wax, the only reason why I go there not for useless skin treatments but a girl walked in with severe acne scars. I could hear the consultation as I was waiting for my appointment and felt so sorry for her as I was sitting in the same chair years ago. So this therapist was trying to sell her these expensive products that dont work and offered her some acid treatments. I have had success with the products that I use thanks to this board and my scarring has
  2. Ive been using the Super Cop Cream for a couple of weeks now, just spot treating bu I noticed today blackheads all around the area that I have been treating, a lot of them! has this happened to anyone else? the cream has been working well for me and I dont want to stop but I dont want these blackheads!
  3. Hey sart123wrath Diana Yvonne sell Skin Biology products on her website (postage is much cheaper) www.dianayvonne.com. She also sells lactic peels which are quite mild and a good peel starter. You can also purchase generous samples of products as well. She is also lovely to deal with, with excellent advice on skin care.
  4. are you kidding me! Id kill to have any of those actors skin!
  5. Can someone tell me how long you leave 25% Malic Acid on for, I have no instructions on my bottle thanks Poppy
  6. poppy6

    TCA Complex

    Does salicylic acid work the exact same way as TCA? i thought it was for ppl suffering from acne more.
  7. Thanks for your advice. Denise2 - I have been doing peels for 10 years, chemical, then Glycolic though only at 30% 2.8ph and also the TCA Complex. I think I will do what you recommend with the half distilled water. Still am a bit worried but. But I thought i could gradually work my way up to the 85% by diluting less and less each week.
  8. Hi Ive noticed this product is not dicussed anymore. I did use it at one stage and can say that I was having great results but because of the downtime with peeling I have stopped for awhile and just do spot treaments. Are people still using it and seeing results?
  9. Hi Ive just ordered 85% lactic acid at around 1.5ph. Has anyone tried this and what was the results? Im worried about burning my skin, has this happened to anyone? My skin is quite tough as I have been giving my skin peels for 10 years. Your advice is much appreciated.
  10. Hi Alisha How are your results going? are you continuing seeing any improvement. I went to see Dr Schiebner a year ago and never went back because of the all the bad things I heard on this board and voy as well. Im reconsidering seeing her now that you are recommending her. Are you still red/pink, is it noticeable?
  11. redhedgrl - thanks for info, is there any downtime with the 85% lactic acid. I think I better go lower, maybe 50% with low ph, I know that the 40% will be too mild for me, my skin can take a lot. Have you noticed any results with the 85%? Thanks again for all your advice guys.
  12. Hi Has anyone used this company, do they have a good rec? Im thinking about ordering the 85% lactic acid and dilute it of course, has anyone used this and had good results? Im currently using 30$ Glycolic? Thanks Poppy
  13. Hi Im have been using 30% glycolic acid now for 6mths and I think I definitely feel my skin needs a bit more. My skin can take a lot as i have been doing peels for 8 years now and skin has become tough. Can anyone recommend either lactic acid (should I go the 40% with 1.9ph)or the new Salicyic (wrong spelling) Acid? Has anyone jumped from 30% to a higher %, what are you experiences? Thanks for your help
  14. Hi Does anyone know how you can get Hyalurnic Acid in Australia? im guessing if you order in America customs will stop it coming in as its restricted here maybe?
  15. I know exactly, im like it too, Im scared my friends are looking at my scars when I talk, i analyse other peoples skins I look in every mirror I come across, I have a pocket mirror and go to the park and stare at my scars! i am obsessed with mirrors, i want to find a mirror (and lighting) where I look good!! but being away I couldnt do all that stuff I was with friends and was kept busy! felt so good! Even last night i had a dream that acne.org met in person and I had the worst scars compared t