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  1. I asked my doc this question and she said it is safe and there is no data suggesting that there has been developmental problems of a fetus if the male is on accutane and impregnates a female. I'm a male and am currently on Accutane. My wife is not on any medication. I obviously know that women on accutane should not get pregnant. But I need to know if it is safe for me to get my wife pregnant. Thanks
  2. Good luck with Tane. I'm a 30 year old male with moderate but persistent acne. I grew tired of depending on antibiotics so I just started 20 mg on September 18. I'll keep an eye on your progress.
  3. Thanks P & W. I only asked because it seemed like you enjoy helping other people out on this forum and you wouldn't mind helping me out with the calculations. Heather- Try and relax. Did my request affect your life in any way? (Rhetorical question) Marc
  4. Hey P & W- I really enjoyed reading your Tane log as well as this Post-Tane log. I wish you continued success. I have a quick question for you that is similar to Tanya's previous question regarding the mg/kg ratio. I'm going to start my Tane course ~Sept. 18th but my derm wants to start me on 20 mg for the 1st month, then 40 mg for 2nd month, 60mg for 3rd month, and 80mg for the next 2-4 months depending on my progress. I'm hoping this methodology will be effective since I'm turning 30
  5. Congrats on the progress so far. Stay strong !
  6. How long did it take you to get the accutane after your doctor registered you on ipledge?
  7. Your skin looks great! Please excuse my stupidity but what exactly is millia? I don't see anything on your cheek.
  8. Any updates on your post Tane experience shuntz? Inquiring minds wanna know.
  9. I always put SPF 15 sunblock on after I apply Duac in the morning.
  10. Sounds like your doing well on this dose. Good luck! Btw, how much do you weigh? How long does your derm plan on keeping on Tane?
  11. Sounds like things are going well. I'll be tracking your progress because I plan on trying a low dose regiment in September. I weigh 180 lbs which I think is approximately 80 kgs. What would be considered low dose for me? Also Planlos, what foods do you take your pills with? At what time of day do you take each pill? I appreciate any info you can share because I want to have all my facts straight before I see my derm in a month. Godd luck! Marc
  12. Hey Planlos. Good luck with the course. Is this your first time on Accutane? I've read so many logs by now that I can't remember. Marc
  13. I was mostly asking about side effects of tetracycline while on accutane- primarily headaches or some other types of adverse reactions. I thought I read that somewhere.
  14. Hey DreamGrl. Thanks for the reply. I'd prefer to stop taking the tetracycline but I'm getting married in one month and want to keep the acne at bay before then. Will the tetracycline cause problems with Accutane? What could happen? Thanks for any info. Marc P.S.- Are you a Dave Matthews fan? If so, you have good taste in music.