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  1. my skin was clear for a few years after getting rid of food that gave me acne..cystic acne that leaves scars. i thought i suffered enough! i still have those scars btw but why again? it is not as severe but it's stressing me out so much. and i wouldn't care if my acne is normal acne that doesn't give you permanent, indented scars! but my acne is always deep, painful cystic acne that always leaves scars. a few years the cause was food, but now i seem to get it whenever i am stressed... sigh, i h
  2. I used to come here when i was actively suffering from acne. Now i am not (gluten was the cause), but i have lots of scars on my cheek now, but i have kind of made piece with it. But i got 1 new cystic acne on my cheek last week and my acne on the cheeks have always given me scars unless i get cortisone shots... At first i thought it was just a small pimple so i didn't think of getting a shot..but it turned out to be a big cystic one that leaves a scar. It has given me a couple of new, big, red