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  1. Did it take that long because it wasn't initially ideinfitied as either fungal or bacterial? Or because it takes years to remove the fungus (or bacteria)? Should i be concerned about taking both doxy and terbinafine together? Thanks a lot
  2. Also wanted to add that I'm a 25 yo male, and I think the doctor mentioned folliculitis being a possibility the last time I met him (when he prescribed Lamisil Terbinafine 250mg)
  3. Hello, I'm a bit concerned. I've had mild back acne for a couple of years, never too serious. I've been wanting to treat it lately because it had gotten a bit worse and the Clean and Clear body wash or some anti acne soaps weren't doing anything at all. It got not super bad but had around 3-4 active pimples on each shoulder blade, and also down the spine a couple too. The dermatologist prescribed me with: BP 10% cream Hibiclens Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg (for 1 month, 1 a day) I fol