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  1. Soothing and great moisture.

    I love this lotion, this is what I used every day before I started Dan's regimen. I now use his lotion on my face but I still use this for my neck it's less sticky and absorbs nicely. It feels great going on to as well.
  2. Always have these on me

    I love this brand of oil absorbing sheets, they work better than any other brand I've tried. They are smooth and do not irritate my skin when I use them. Sometimes I have to use two sheets to get all the oil off my face but I've just got really oily skin. I recommend these to anyone who needs something to quickly mattify their face anytime during the day without piling on powders.
  3. January 4th 2015- Half way through week three and my face is covered in skin flakes, it feels so dry at times. I put moisturizer on as needed to help with the dryness. In week three I've gone to one full pump of BP in the morning and two full pumps at night. After applying the moisturizer my face stings like crazy for about 15 minutes. Still getting new breakouts here and there, they seem to be healing quicker though. I still have not been able to completely break myself of the habit of pi
  4. December 24th 2014- Upping the amount of BP tonight to one full pump, and a pea sized amount in the morning. My cheeks are becoming very dry and tight feeling. December 27th 2014- Sense I've started using a full pump of BP at night and pea size in the morning my forehead is also becoming very dry and tight. My cheeks and chin are peeling pretty bad. I only notice stinging when I apply the moisturizer but that goes away once it's all soaked in. I had some new zits pop up this week
  5. First week of the regimen is almost through, and my face is starting to burn a bit more when I apply the moisturizer. I had been doing a really good job of not picking at my face, until tonight; I couldn't stop myself from picking at a few black heads. I regret it now because the places I picked at are raised red bumps, but what's done is done. My face is also starting to feel a bit rough, I'm sure by the second week my face will be peeling fairly badly. I'm sticking with this though, and h
  6. December 17th 2014, I got my Acne.org package in the mail. I started the regimen that night with Dan's products, the face wash (two pumps), BP (pea size amount), moisturizer (two pumps) with jojoba oil mixed in (12 drops). I had no stinging that night but slight itching. The following morning, December 18th 2014, my face felt warm but not uncomfortable. I noticed a huge decline in the amount of redness on my face. I followed the regimen that morning minus the BP so I don't over i