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  1. How can I clear it up? I've tried harsh and gentle cleansers and nothing at all. Eating right , pills , vitamins , nothing works ... It's only on my cheeks / jawline / neck
  2. How can I make the redness go down ? And what kind of acne is this?/ how can I treat it.. I tried harsh stuff , tried gentle stuff , and I've tried the caveman and did nothing ... It all does nothing at all for me. ITS ONY ON THE SIDES OF MY FACE FROM THE CHEEKS TO JAWLINE TO NECK,
  3. so for this caveman regimen , am I supposed to moisturize too? Because my skins actually clearing up ! I think I stripped it of the natural barrier it has and over washed , because my face was more red then it was acne .. But it's getting dry which I hear is normal until it balances out , but should I moisturize too?
  4. I'm buying the following vitamins Omega 3 Omega 6 VITAMIN A,D,E,K Zinc Vitamin b5 Vitamin c HOW MUCH of each should I take daily ? The daily suggested amount won't help for anything I need to hyper-dose and take more like vitamin a suggested is 1000 but I take 44.000 daily . Can anyone suggest a safe amount that will help fix my acne / my acne is hormonal and no face wash works I fee like it actually makes it worse then if I use water or gentle face wash
  5. it's somewhat oily but nothin out of control , it's more normal then oily . Theyare red pimples kinda bright Id say. Do u know a. Brands that won't clog pores
  6. Okay so I have moderate acne on the sides of my face ONLY. Like my cheeks and temples , I really would like to cover this up because I'm starting a new job soon and don't want to deal with it. I do Have a couple questions .. What are good brands that won't clog pores ? I read about make up that helps fight acne while covering it ? Anyone try these out? How long will it hide the acne for ? I don't want to have to re apply it multiple times considering I'll be working 12 hour shifts .. What
  7. Okay , does anyone know why my acne is ALWAYS inflamed ? Like they never go to whiteheads even when they heal , it's always just red bumps , and also its ONLY on the sides. Of my face like my cheeks and temple area only , any help?
  8. you HAVE to stop eating all processed food , dairy , and gluten. CUT down on the sugar , you cant stop eating it cus its in everything but limit it