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  1. In simple terms, SLS is a transporter and without it you wouldnt get your lather going so do you need it? definitly. Is it bad? No.
  2. When it comes to acne, time is definitly not money. I could spend two hours a day if i knew my face would be cleared.
  3. Reading your comments make me think that it wasnt a joke, that she really meant it. Is that the case? If so, you deserves ALOT better. If it was a joke i wouldnt really care.
  4. Since you've only been onthe regimen for 2 weeks, i'd say keep on going for another 6 or 8 weeks. After that, you could consider just spottreat the pimples that see the surface with some bp. *EDIT* Consider a moisturizer with AHA during night which will help reduce your red marks. But i'd say that you should wait another 2 weeks before doing that.
  5. Pickup, i'd say dump it and pickup() another one. Dont you have any farmacia in Norway? There is plenty of other moisturizers out there that will do your skin more good than the current one. You can either order through internet or take a quick trtip up to me here in Sweden and buy yourself a bag of Eucerin 5% UREA.
  6. Well.. to find out where the problem lays, you need to go through your regimen and take it apart step by step. I suggest you start off by trying to use the csr facewash as shaving cream instead of the gillette fusion (you might wanna have a quick shower too, just to make sure youll warm up your beard properly). If you still get your occasional pimples, you might wanna try out the Gillette Sensor Excel that Dan recommends. And yes, the shaving routine from CSR says you should continonue the reg
  7. It sounds like your shaving regimen gets you irritated, are you switching razorblades frequently? I'd say that you should change every 5 or 6 shaves. But we really dont get to know much about how you shave, do you have a shower or do you just splash your face with water? What razor are you currently using? From what ive heard, there is plenty of guys in here who shaves successfully with the regimen only.
  8. I understand the situation that are you in, but there is really no need for you to worry. Think of it this way, if a girl approached you with confidence and with a smile on her lips (and acne) would that really bother you? No, ofcourse not. Its just a matter of getting to understand that a great personality tops looks, thats it. To understand that they dont give a shit. I rather have acne and have a great personality than no acne but with a disgusting personality. Your acne will eventuelly dis
  9. Your skin is still adjusting to the bp and thats probably why you breakout, stick to it and you shall see improvments. I stand my ground, i would have spottreated 'em!
  10. Do you get any razor bumps or ingrown?
  11. If i only had occasional pimples, id be happy just spottreating those as i see no point in taking the time rubbing the BP in my skin when i know the pimple will fade away in a day or two (meanwhile i can only cover it up with a concealer). I guess its a matter of taste really.
  12. Peeling, nah. What Anonm said.
  13. If you only have occasional active spots, id say that you should spottreat those when they come to the surface and wash&moisturize morning/night. A moisturizer with AHA will make your red marks fade faster.
  14. If you wanna follow the Clear Skin Regimen, you are doing a bunch of things wrong. How come you are not using a cleanser and a moisturizer in the morning? I'd say that you should start cleansing and moisturizing in the mornings and that you should start moisturize at nights. Your dry skin is likely going to be reduced if you start using a moisturizer, thats what they are for. So use cleanser, bp and moisturizer both mornings and nights and im sure you'd see even greater results.
  15. Well, in fact it takes up to 90 days or more for pimples or whiteheads to form so by the time they raise heads above the surface of your skin, they've already been under your skin for several weeks. So the cleanser probably made the job in bringing 'em out faster than if they'd been left to their own device sort of speak. So this immediate breakout could actually signal that the cleanser is working as adverties.