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    Help me!!

    Help me!!

    I'm desperate for answers!! I just tried the ice thing two days ago by just putting ice onto my skin and rub it around my whole face until it melts. I woke up and a lot of my redness was gone. So I did it last night again after washing my face and I noticed that this time when I did it my cheeks felt a little bit irritated. I then put on my moisturizer and went to sleep. This morning I woke up and see little white spots I mean like really really little white spots on my cheeks around where my ac
  2. Please help me!! I did this two days ago by just placing ice all over my face and the next day it looked less red.. A bit better. Last night I decided to do it again. The problem is that I have some acne on both sides of my cheeks so when I did it again I felt a bit irritated after. This morning I woke up and there's little very very tiny white spots on my cheeks around where the acne is. I guess white heads. I'm scared! I thought ice was suppose to help. I don't want them to turn into pimples!!