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  1. ive read that garlic tablets help w/ acne, do u guys think its okay to take those while on accutane? thanx a bunch!!!! xoxo
  2. hey i was wondering if anyone has gotten these little bumps on their legs and arms. i dont know if its related to the sotret, but im in my second month and i just got these little bumps. so please answer back!! thanks! lots of love! <3
  3. hey im currently taking sotret, and my face is worse now than when i started! it makes me so sad, i was wondering if there is anything i could do to help the process along. like what kind of face washes and such are u guys using? should i take anything else to help the medication work its magic? please help! thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!
  4. hey guys! i just started sotret, and i was wondering how long it took for u all to see results....i had mild acne, but since ive started it seems to have gotten A LOT worse! i know its just a matter of time til it works, but i was wondering how long it took for all of you. THANKS super much! <3