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  1. OK here goes...I think I may have been nuts but.... Phil, Age MidTwenties, Minneapolis, MN Spent $1000 on 12 microderms (helped a little) Spent $390 on 1 pulsed dye test spot (scar swelled and then SUNK and got DEEPER) Here are my future treatments... I just signed up for 10 SMOOTHBEAM TREATMENTS FOR 2004!!! And 2 Needling...wish me luck IS THIS CRAZY OR WHAT?? And I just use my Check Card to pay for it...which means I am so broke I have to pack lunches almost everyday. After spe
  2. Maya: Wow! You are really a troopper. How do you talk your way into free treatments with Chu and the Needling Sessions? I want free NLITE too. SilentTX: $180 for 2 treatments for needling is CHEAP! How much improvement have you seen and what kind of scars? I wonder how many treatments I should have of needling. Is 2 enough?
  3. Wow! I am BROKE after paying for my needling, Smoothbeam and other treatments. I just signed up for a 5 session Smoothbean full face session and am broke!! How do all of us do it? Pls put is as treatments/ Cost/ way to pay for it I'll start: Phil -- Minneapolis, MN Doing Smoothbeam 5 treatments & 1 Microderm with Jessner Peel ($1000) *Ouch to $$$* Paid for it through Checking Acct savings (otherwords, I broke and need to recycle gifts for [email protected][email protected]!)
  4. Well I went to Spa Mede this week and met with the nurse there. I can just say that this place is EXCEPTIONAL. There consult and staff were excellent: there was no pressure, and the consult was free, including the Smoothbeam treatment on my cheek on setting 12. She told me to not rush into it, take 1-2 months to think about it and then let her know if I want to try Smoothbeam. The machine they have is exactly what is on the website. The place has many rooms with lasers for hair remov
  5. Sam How deep were your scars and how much % improvement did you see from fat? Wowza! 14 injections? My doctor says he will inject it as one MEGA injection and will overfill my face by 400% so when it reduces it will be only 100%. Smiling Eyes I picked at my acne too and have ice picks too...can u see it in my pic? Respond if you'll like help-- I reduced mine by 50% with Creatine taken orally and microderm done on the outside(scarred skin).
  6. Nancy Thanks for your compliments. How deep is your scarring? What can u describe it as? Mixing several creams and applying it at ONCE and putting a really THICK layer really helped me. My skin looks only ok in pictures but it looks like trash in real life in the mirror. As for liposuction, the surgeon told me its needed. After I get done with school in 3-4 years and get a good job, I will plan to get my face fixed with a San Franciso surgeon--(breaking the jawbone and moving the ch
  7. I wish I could look like that guy in the link. He looks gorgeous!! Hopefully, after my scar treatments, I can get my face fixed and that will help some.
  8. Mele Thanks for your post. I get my Smoothbeam treatments at SpaMede in St Lois Park (Minneapolis suburb). Their website address is http://www.spamede.com Phone number Sheehan Corporate Center 4500 Park Glen Rd. Suite 425 St. Louis Park, MN 55416 (952) 926-3311 Hi Jay I have been working out for a long time (since I was 19). In the summer, I get more 'cut' because I start running in addition to lifting weights. Hopefully, after this Smoothbeam treatment, I can save up for Si
  9. Hey all Thanks for your cool support! 781 Creatine does not cause you to break out. It fills muscles and cells with water, thus helping with transporting toxins out, etc. Creatine and steroids do make you break out though. Sam I do the Creatine cycle, 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off. I find drinking lots of Protein (1 gram per pound of bodyweight) plus taking 1 gram of Vit C has helped my complexion tremendously.
  10. Wow!! I also set up a photo page to show my skin improvement with various stuff (Microderm, Topicals, Obagi) and to document my upcoming Needling and Smoothbeam treatments...here are the pics I found progress when I got frustrated and mixed topicals together AND applied gobs of it. I also found using Creatine, which is a muscle building supplement that increases the water level in cells or cell volumization, plumped out my scars by 50% within a few months. http://personal3.stthomas.edu/pwcha
  11. Hey Morris, everyone: I called SpaMed and they told me that after buying a 4 treatment package EACH SMOOTHBEAM FULL FACE TREATMENT IS ONLY $100 Wow!! I also set up a photo page to document my upcoming Needling and Smoothbeam treatments...here are the pics http://personal3.stthomas.edu/pwchan/face.html You can post responses here if you like. Morris, I ran into Kate who is getting needling in Minneapolis and we are trying to share experiences. Can you email me as I would like t
  12. Hey Wendy Do you live in Tanjung Bungah? My aunt lives there and I will be going to visit in Feb. How long are you in UK for? I thought of going to the UK but picked the US as the exchange rate in the UK was enough to give me 3 strokes. The US is more affordable study wise.
  13. If anyone want Retin A Micro (large tube), I have 4 tubes!! I get one Large one each month, though it seriously lasts me 3-6 months per tube. Email or pm me. Hey Wendy I'm originally from Malaysia too! (But I now live in the United States). When I went back, I bought 6 tubes of Retin A by Ciba (?) or some Swiss manufacturer for less than $10 US a tube (20 gram tube I think). I take it you're going to Kuala Lumpur?
  14. My derm said the tape thing will not work unless you are already flaking, which then you might as well use a loofah or scrub. His aesthetician said for the tape to exfoliate normal skin, you need very strong tape -- she uses a similar method in waxing with sticky tape and she said she would never use it on Acne patients with skin thinned by glycolic acid or Retin A as it will RIP IT OFF AND SHE HAS SEEN WELTS AFTER THE WAXING TAPE BEING PULLED. She said this is nonsense. What is true now?
  15. I called my plastic surgeon/ derm's office on this tape thing and they told me it's dangerous and rubbish. In fact, my derm's aesthetician told me to buy something called Vit C Serum along with a microdermabrasion package ($700 for 6 sessions). She told me that is the only new thing they found that would help with red marks/ scarring. She said using tape will rip off my skin and destroy any healing collagen. I dunno, I just bought a pricey cream (TNS cream) from her and am out until next pa
  16. Hmm...I was going to go to Center for Cosmetic Care but now might change my mind. $500 for full face is too much. Does anyone have the phone number or any idea of improvement rate from them?
  17. Katu Thanks! I still have scars, but no where NEAR how out of control things were in my initial picture. Everyday it continues to heal some more.
  18. This is what I found on TNS RECOVERY---- Get younger skin within 3-6 months with TNS Recovery Complex, the most advanced formulation available that takes your complexion beyond Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Retinols, and Topical Vitamin C and improves the health and appearance of sun-damaged and aging skin without burning, peeling or irritation. TNS Recovery Complex with NouriCel-MD (a research based cosmetic ingredient only found in TNS) is the first product in the world to contain naturally f
  19. The similar complex is available in the US since 2001. It is called TNS Recovery Complex Serum available only through plastic surgeons offices. If you research on Google the secret is:--- The serum has 'newborn growth factors' that patients found increased collagen in their skin extremely fast, scars plumped out and my own ice picks closed from within. Later, with more research, I found that they use 'reengineered newborn tissue growth factors' -- which actually meant they used newborn foreski