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  1. Its been one year since my last cheek subcision. The results are still holding pretty well. I think the filler has recently begun to degrade as I'm noticing a little drop off in the scars, but still much better than if I had done nothing. I wanted to do my third subcision over the summer, but I've been so busy with a new job and girlfriend. I called novick today but he didn't answer, must be in Israel. Ill try to set up another appointment and let you guys know how it goes. Overall I would
  2. I've been in your shoes. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 23, and didn't date again until I was 26. I'm 28 now and have had a normal dating/social life, even with some scarring. I was was able to improve my skin to the point that it doesn't bother me, or apparently girls anymore. Ive hit rock bottom, was miserable to be around, and suicidal trolling this website. Now I'm on here killing time until my girl gets off work. Improve your skin as much as possible, make sacrifices, work o
  3. I think it's fair for the doctor to charge a consultation fee, and waive it if the patient gets treatment. They would be dealing with window shoppers all day long if they didn't.
  4. 50 bucks for a phone call is outrageous. If he is too stubborn to compromise with the patient, I'd skip him.
  5. idk, his skin was pretty gnarly when his acne first settled down. Check out this video from 2014,
  6. You need to manage your expectations. Subcision does actually work pretty well, but you aren't going to have "flawless" skin. All of the treatments in the world with a positive outcome every time can not achieve that. Best you can hope for is to minimize them to the point they are irrelevant to most people.
  7. I agree that will take 6-12 months to heal on it own. Vbeam would buy you a couple of months. In my opinion, I would wait it out. Vascular laser is expensive and carries risk to treat something that is not permanent, though it does actually work. Up to you.
  8. Subcision is great. My scars are holding the same improvements over 8 months that I saw after the first 3-4 weeks when the swelling went down. Hope you have the same long term success I've had.
  9. He is ignorant about scar revision but I think he genuinely cares. I've got nothing but respect for the guy.
  10. Im surprised by the hate for Brian. He turned down 10k to sponsor some piece of junk dermaroller because he doesn't think it would help people. He's fighting the good fight.
  11. I don't think my skin can handle TCA cross either. Good thing I only did a test spot.
  12. The lighting is as close as you're gonna get. It's not perfect and that why I prefer taking videos to track my progress. Looks like a good improvement. I think the subcisions helped a lot.