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  1. made an appointment to remove the thing , so far its not hurting or anything , not even discomfort , but im gonna hack it off before the worst comes . plus im going to ask the doctor what its called medically , might not be a cyst at all , just to make sure hehe and end this topic
  2. i dont know what the hell its called in english . here in malta its classified as a type of boil , furuncle . with the difference that instead that it forms as a raised mound , it forms inside out in a sort of way , i mean the area around it doesnt swell , and when its pulled out before removal it looks like a very long and thin tube with a sac in the end full of puss , sometimes its even 2 cm long , ( looks like a burnt match )
  3. ok , a couple of days ago i discovered a tiny red hole right under my tail bone , the thing is , i know what is called in my language , but i was wondering if somebody new the medical term or english name for this type of thing ok let me describe how it looks , basically its just a very small hole or a slit you might say , with a bit of soreness around , no bumps or raised bits or anything , usually before removal it is pulled out and resembles a very long thin sac with puss in the end , i wil