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  1. Or is this not the case? I already have a big problem with blackheads.
  2. In the video it says to do it until the BP feels "tacky." I don't get it. Until it's slightly sticky?! Does it really matter how long you do it and can anyone give me a time recommendation? EDIT: Also, my face only feels itchy when I apply my 2nd BP layer in the afternoon. Is that normal? I don't feel anything the first time I apply it in the morning.
  3. I have an insane amount of blackheads on my nose (30+...too many to count really). The blackheads I don't really mind, but here is the problem: that area of my screen is extremely red. I don't experience this problem anywhere else on my face except on my nose, which also happens to be where all my blackheads are and where it gets really oily. Just curious as to what I can do to relieve some of the redness?