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  1. My skin stopped flaking when I started using Clean and Clear for Sensitive Skin. It's about the cheapest stuff out there that's good for oily skin. My skin isn't dry or flaky and I'm not using moisturizer! When I was using a harsher soap, I was flaky all over, no matter what kind of moisturizer I used.
  2. It was good to see the part explaining about the appearance of different lesions and the pictures of mild, moderate, severe acne. I guess I know know that with a somewhat effective treatment my acne is mild. I haven't seen my skin without treatment for 6 or 7 years... (I've had acne about 10 years) If I stopped, it would probably be moderate. I know there was a certain period of time when I was on Retin-A/Clindamycin/oral antibiotic that my skin was terrible! Several large zits every day.
  3. Congratulations on getting your prescription finally! They sure do make you jump through a lot of hoops, good for you for persisting Thanks for your response, that's a bit reassuring. I was on an antibiotic and it made me feel slightly nauseous every time I took it. I'm also nervous about taking antibiotics longterm because of the whole "antibiotics later for something else won't work!" thing. Also, my skin was the worst ever when I was on that regimen! My brother is 26 and hasn't grown o
  4. I can't tell if you're a girl or not... sorry! I just know that you shouldn't be taking any kind of dose of accutane if there's the slightest chance you could get pregnant. "25% of children born to women who were using Accutane while pregnant have birth defects that include brain and nervous system damage."
  5. Sorry to be posting this on your personal log, but I didn't want to make a whole new topic... I know one of the big (the biggest probably) reasons they're so hesitant about prescribing accutane is because of the birth defects it can cause. I want to ask for accutane now because I'm sick of my stupid skin, nothing's cleared me up, and I have never had sex and am not planning to for years to come! (I'm 21) I'm just wondering if the derm will believe me. I figure it's good to do it now, rather
  6. Well, I've been using this Kiss My Face and my face is soo incredibly dry and flaky... I think my whole skin routine at the moment is screwed up Anyway, I finally checked out Paula Begoun's book, and here's what she had to say about the Kiss My FAce Oil-Free Aloe AHA moisturizer. "Alpha + Oil Free Moisturizer 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid Fragrance Free is indeed oil free, but it does contain other ingredients such as isopropyl palmitate and emulsifying wax that can be a problem for oily skin. Whil
  7. I'm not sure what bothers me more, that he showed his sister his butt, or that a few people on here think it's ok to go around showing your naked rears to your siblings
  8. I think Maybelline Great Lash is like a staple in the cosmetics industry isn't it? It's not all fancy and gimmicky, but a bunch of makeup artists use it! Been around forever too. It has a small wand, so it's easier to get to the root of your lashes, and it's not too thick. It's better for clumps to put a couple of thin coats on than to slather on one thick one. I use the waterproof formula and I only have problems with racoon eyes if I take a nap or rub my eye with my finger. Otherwise it
  9. All these things you guys are recommending help to prevent stretch marks, but they're not going to make them go away. Do you put cocoa butter on scars? No, and that's what stretch marks are, they're scars. I don't know what the deal is with mine, I have some on my thighs, like horizontally when I went through a growth spurt in maybe 6th grade... but I'm only 5'5! And I've been 95-98 pounds since 7th grade, so I don't understand how it happened. It sucks because I wasn't exactly conscious ab
  10. You don't need a fancy primer, just dip a brush or sponge into water (get rid of excess moisture) then into face powder and pat it on your eyelids before you put the shadow on. Nothing will keep it from creasing all day, but that'll make it last longer.
  11. Don't know about acne, but sure, cats and dogs get skin problems. My dog has dandruff and I know another one that has a skin disorder that makes his fur fall out.
  12. What kind of glycolic acid do you mean? What strength? You can find fairly mild peels, or even milder lotions at the grocery store or pharmacy.
  13. What I've been doing at night is gently wiping my face with toner on a cotton ball, concentrating on my hairline where the cleanser doesn't really get to. Just find a toner that won't irritate your skin (alcohol and witch hazel are evidently drying)
  14. Exercise is good for your skin, leaving sweat on your face is not! Just bring a towel to mop up the worst of it and then rinse off when you get home
  15. Even minimal daily sun exposure is bad for you. The sun does damage to your skin even on cloudy days and in the winter time, so you always need to wear sunscreen. Like Grow to Overthrow said, it's cumulative. You'll have far less chance of skin cancer and many less wrinkles if you never go out unprotected! If you use SPF 15 it will protect you over the course of a normal day (for gardening or other prolonged exposure, use something stronger) but will still allow some good sun to get through