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  1. Thank you guys for answers. I have a question: I already lost much weight after about 3 weeks of not eating enough meat and bread. If I start eating bread again will my acne get worse?
  2. So yeah. Basically. I mean, I remember no day without breakouts. I think I always had at least 1 or 2 painful pimples. I changed my diet to a less to almost no gluten diet (eliminated bread). I basically eat legumes, brown rice, potatoes, raw vegetable salads, soups and about 1 time a week meat now. The only time when my acne dramatically reduced was when I was fasting for about 6 days. I ate no foods at all. I just drank fruit and vegetable juices. It really helped my skin a lot in that perio
  3. If I cut the beans, rice & potatoes then I don't know what else I could eat. I already lost much weight after giving up certain foods (like bread) and I am pretty skinny. I also don't know many 'healthy' recipes. Mom will not like the idea of cutting these foods as well. She'll really get angry with me and tell me she'll no longer cook for me.
  4. Hey guys. I kind of feel hopeless. I basically eliminated some foods from my diet and I also lost some weight (didn't want to do that). I was already skinny and my mother yells at me because of this. But I'm doing my best to help my skin. Mom really pushes me to start eating more meat and I don't want to do that yet. I already ate some fish meat but whatever. Anyways, I also tried fasting (for 6 days) with almost no results and I also started drinking ACV for over 2 weeks. Same thing. I'm just
  5. Have any of you guys considered this mixture for acne? Do you think it'd be good? Thanks!
  6. No they're not asian (me neither lol ). I'm from Europe. Everyone in my family eats like normal. I'm doing this 'change of diet' for acne. Thx
  7. It saddens me so much. This thing even makes my relationship with her worse. She gets so angry with me. I already told her that it's not healthy and it's bad for acne but she says it's all rubbish and that I'm crazy. I have acne and I want to clear my skin up. I already changed my diet (low carb) but sometimes I've been eating oily foods as well. She says that everytime anyone sees me how skinny I am they blame my mother for not feeding me well. I lost some weight but I don't care, I want my acn
  8. Thanks! Ok, I'm going to try to stick with it for more. One more question I have is this: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic), is it good or bad for health? Does it trigger acne?
  9. Hello guys. So about 2 or 3 weeks ago I fasted for about 6 days - no foods, only fruit & vegetable juice. My skin definitely got better in that time but I still had some break outs. I broke my fast on 6th day. I also changed my diet since then. I basically eat fruit and vegetables now but I still break out. Here's a sample of what I've been eating: - Mashed potatoes - Salads (large variety) + black olives (optional) - Mixture of potatoes, squash, beans, etc with ketchup (heinz) - Kale