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  1. I read many post about dr dan's cortibalm for chapped lips caused by accutane? Were do you buy this stuff? I found it on the internet but was wondering what stores sell it (Walmart, walgreens). My chapped lips would appreciate some help.
  2. For anyone using Dr. Dan's lip balm, were did you buy it? Is it something you order over the internet?
  3. I am just starting week 13 of accutane and I would of hoped to see some kind of improvement but I still have the same terrible skin since I started the course. The only improvements have been no blackheads or oily skin anymore. My derm told me at week 4 not to expect to see improvement till after I stop taking the medication. i thought that was crazy since most people clear up on the med at some point. I look at other peoples photos on the tane and my face has no good areas. I breakout eve
  4. Thanks for your replies. I'll try to keep optimistic. Schools starting in a month so I was hoping my face would look half normal.
  5. I've been accutane for almost 8 weeks and I'm still not seeing much in the way of results. Should I have cleared up by now or should I be a little more patient. I'd appreciate some input from past and present users of accutane. I'm starting to get discouraged. I've read some post of people improving by now. I have all the nasty side effects so I know the medication is in my system. HElp.