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  1. I've watched him as well and couldn't agree more -- it's brilliant for those days when you just need something to remind you there may be a way to overcome acne.
  2. I find that a lot with the actual accutane logs/youtube videos. Im sitting here with full blown acne over my entire body, and there'll be some girl on accutane for like two whiteheads on her forehead... If two whiteheads is what you consider 'ugly', then I must just be outright hideous. It's kinda offensive imo.
  3. OswaldTheRabbit

    Depressant On Roaccutane. 23/m

    DAY 36 So unfortunately, not a great deal to report on. Nothing has really changed apart from a new spot coming up on my chest and a couple of painful breakouts occuring on the right of my forehead. Old ones have yet to heal and I'm littered with red marks. I still have the prominant red streak across my face that, probably, looks even worse than the acne. Very very blotchy and ugly -- I notice people looking at my skin and it's so upsetting. I'm crying a lot which isn't great, but when you'
  4. OswaldTheRabbit

    Depressant On Roaccutane. 23/m

    So derm appointment was today. She said that I looked clearer already, but that is definately not the case (I think like it's something they have to say to make me feel better, haha). I came up in three more under-the-skin spots again today which are already really red, which will join my growing collection of red marks, I'm sure. I'm still on 20mg. She doesn't plan to up me for another month, or two. I was a bit concerned considering 20mg per day seems like quite a low dose, but she assured
  5. Hey there. I've recently just started on 20mg per day for my acne, and also suffer from seb deem (but on my face). I'm just finishing my first month and seeing my derm tomorrow. So far no improvements but I really hope they come -- for both of us. I suffer from severe depression from my skin (more deets on my log) so I know how you're feeling. I'm contradicting myself, but stay strong.
  6. Hey KWRHL (P.s... Love him. If only we all looking like Kevin, eh?) p.s, your english is amazing. Wishing you the best. I've just started on 20 mg per day and am just finishing my first month. So far no improvements on my back nor chest acne, but fingers crossed for us both.
  7. Wishing you the best. I'm currently just finishing my first month on 20mg -- If I finish with my skin looking like yours in your starting pictures I'd be happy, haha.
  8. Hey guys...I really wasn't ever planning on making an Accutane log, but it dawned on me this afternoon that even if no-one reads, I could really do with a place to vent and release my feelings. My posts will probably either end up being incredibly short or incredibly long, haha... Basically I am a 23 male who suffers not only from moderate acne on my face/back/neck/chest, but also a permanant rosacea-like rash on my face (very very red against my pale skin) and seborric dermititis around my
  9. Would it be wise to use aloe vera as a moisturizer, perhaps, in order to fade red marks?
  10. I would love to know as well -- i have a lot of red marks/red flat scars on my cheeks that look like acne. I've just started accutane on 20 mg per day myself (4 weeks tomorrow) and any improvement with the acne is clouded by the marks they leave that look exactly the same.
  11. OswaldTheRabbit

    Accutane And Me (Again)

    Good luck. I just started my first course today so so nervous, but my skin has ruined my life and I need to salvage it
  12. OswaldTheRabbit

    Wart/verukka Treatment On Accutane?

  13. Hey guys so for the past year I've had a tiny wart on my finger and a varukka on my foot, however due to a pretty severe seb derm/ac ne breakout on my entire body I am due to start accutane within a week. Is it possible to have verukka/wart treatment whilst on accutane? As in the usual, freezing, etc -- I don't see why not as it's technically just freezing off the bad skin and not interfering with the good skin? It's also not on my face or body as such? Anyone have any experience? (s
  14. Thank you so so much for your reply, I honestly appreciate it. I love your advice on working on myself before looking for a partner; it kind of gave me a sense of...relief, haha. I just feel so lost right now. My depression is crippling me but I know that it's caused by my dreadful, numerous skin issues - and as they continue to get worse, so does my mentality. If I woke up with perfect skin, I would honestly be fine -- everything else in my life was going so amazingly well before this all fl
  15. Guess my post was too long for people to read XD