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  1. im starting to questions starting accutane. why do they make you wait 31 days! possible to weed out the weak. it just seems so bad for your body, and really the drug itself hasn't been around long enough to tell long term effects, has it?! i mean, what will happen to all of us when we are 50, or 80... what will accutane have done to our bodies by then? sorry for being such a downer! sure, ok.
  2. thanks for the advice, i'm around 125, F. i think last time i was on the same dosage? but it does seem a little high to me.
  3. i finally decided to go on accutane. acutally, this will be my second time. i'm 26, the first time i took accutane was 4 months before my wedding, i was 22. i grew up with perfect skin, maybe one zit a month, right around that time. and them for some reason when i turned 21 it all went down hill. i heard once that if you don't have acne when you are a teenager the chances of you having it as an adult are pretty high. if you do have it as an adult, and didn't as a teen, the acne will be m
  4. Not really sure how to start an accutane log? Just by posting a new topic? anyone?