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  1. It is a cream that kills hte P.Acnes and also exfoliates the skin to prevent blockages in the pores. Has been shown in lcinical studies to fade brown spots and help red marks from blemishes fade faster. Works in 6-8 weeks but you shouldn't be on it for longer than 6 months as there is no clinical data done over that period. I have been on it before and it worked for me. Itches like mad though and will make your skin peel as it exfoliates. Also at the start you may break out as it gets all t
  2. The powder has corn starch which according to studies can cause bacteria to grow in your pores becasue it is a food stuff. You should avoid any product that has corn or rice starch or milk products especially if your prone to breakouts.
  3. Hey guys and gals. Am male and use make-up also. Been doing so since age 20. My products have changed over the years but currently I use a bit of YSL Touche Eclat over any dark bits under my eyes. As for marks and blemishes I use Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage with a concealer brush. Finish off with a dusting of Chanel loose powder in translucent. Touch up during the day with blotting papers and brush chanel pressed powder over oily prone spots. That has worked for me and people say i hav
  4. Deffo agree to stop with the topicals. They do recommend that when on Tane you should use nothing else. Tane is super strong and will do its job when you finish the course. Treat your skin ultra gentle and just be patient!!!. If your concerened about inflammation try just a antibiotic lotion to reduce the inflammation and possible infection. But get the ones that are not in a alcohol base.
  5. Isotrex the brand name has not been approved by the FDA yet hence it is not lisenced for use in the USA. In the UK it has a license and is available on the NHS. I have used Isotrex before in 3rd year of University when I had really bad acne. Worked in 4 weeks and the acne was gone by week 8. However it is in a alcohol base gel and together with the isotretinoin really dried your skin and irritated it so I looked like hell for weeks. Also being a gel it peels and it not a good look. Apparan