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  1. i think i've definitely cleared up by so much. it's not like my skin's crystal clear, i still break out but it's so manageable now. my skin's still incredibly oily but i'll take what i can get. the main thing that's really cleared me up is estrogen. i'm assigned male at birth and i've recently come to terms with my gender identity, that i'm non-binary. so i took the hormonal route in transitioning and the side effect was clearer skin. i know for a fact that it was estrogen because i s
  2. i've a blog entry associated with this album for anyone curious
  3. things are looking really bad. like real bad. i honestly thought i was clearing up back at month 1 now it's just downhill. have about 3++ pimples everyday. it sucks i dont know if spiro is ever going to work
  4. watwatwat


    increased my dosage to 75mg last 5th of january. upped it again to 100mg last 11th. really dedicated to get my acne over with. no gynecomastia yet. no erectile dysfunction. there has been a significant decrease in libido but it's not like i cant get it up whenver i want to. i haven't noticed a decrease in oiliness but the my breakouts are smaller. my back is clearing up. will update again soon. i think im limiting my dose to 100mg.
  5. been breaking out really badly this month. seems to be getting better. a lot of hyperpigmentation and dull but oily skin. only 1 pimple per day which is nicce. a lot of clogged pores but i dont really mind. hope i stop breaking out school's about to start and i dont want to look like a mess. been taking spironolactone 50 mg a day for about a week now. no effects yet. i know the risks, i've searched the internet for days and i just need something that will work long term.
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    getting better

  7. watwatwat


    been so annoyed at my skin. i thought i could control my breakouts. seems like i cant. ive had a pretty rough month. it sucks. it really sucks been using 1/3 of the recommended dose of bp in the morning and 2/3 in the evening. i combine it wiht clindamycin phosphate topical. used to work before now it doesnt. will try using 2/3 day and night but that usually makes my skin so dull. pray for me HAHA.
  8. watwatwat


    cant control my breakouts anymore
  9. definitely have not been following the regimen bc i thought i could get away with it. HAHA. breaking out again. just glad that my breakouts have never been as bad as before and ive always been able to control them by increasing my bp dosage. just writing this for catharsis. hopefully i can fix my skin again before new year's!! keep fighting y'all!!!!
  10. watwatwat


    been breaking out a lot these past few months. it's not as bad as before. thanks to benzoyl i dont think it will ever get as bad as before but it's been pretty rough. i just forgot how hard it was to walk outside wihtout being ashamed of my face. i forgot the feeling of having acne and it felt so good not having to care about my skin for so long. im breaking out but mostly because of the pollution in this city and the stress of college. im gonna be okay though, hopefully. it's getting better.
  11. tretinoin never worked for me try using the regimen by dan and combining it with clindamycin!! i know it might be a leap but if you've been on your regimen for three months and there's still no significant improvement, you should change things up. you can view my blog and album. i logged my regimen experience there
  12. watwatwat


    regimen celeteque facial wash celeteque toner clindamycin sos bp 2.5% myra e moisturizer aha (every other night) been breaking out a lot recently . for the past few weeks it was just small pimples. now it's big pimples. fortunately it's just localized on my right cheek and it's not everywhere. i dont have 100% clear skin as i do have a lot of small comedones and i don't expect 100% clear skin. i just hope these big zits go away!! hopefully this stops. i havent been using the reco
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  14. morning -cetaphil gentle cleanser -clindamycin solution -benzoyl peroxide (1/6 of a finger) -myra e sunscreen evening -cetaphil -clindamycin -benzoyl peroxide(1/3 of a finger) -myra e moisturizer -aha 2/3 finger every other night ive only been breaking out with very small pimples that you have to scrutinize my face to see them. -clindamycin w/ benzoyl peroxide is working wonderfully (apparently combining these two makes for a powerful one-two punch, searched scientific articles o